Bundle FAQ

This bundle has content suitable for all ages, with many products geared toward children ages 2-15. Each resource has an age recommendation listed next to its title. From journals to games to biome studies, there is something inside for everyone!

This is a digital product and will be delivered via email in the form of a secure download link upon purchase. Once you download the bundle, save it to your computer or an external drive to keep and use forever!

A Childhood Set Apart @AChildhoodSetApart
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Survival Skills Unit (4-12)

A Handful of Blessings @AHandfulOfBlessings
*NEW* Hiking Journals in Manuscript and Cursive Formats (5+)

A Home Grown Love @A.Home.Grown.Love
*NEW* Woodland Nature Anatomy Pack (3-9)

Bee Yourself Early Learning @BeeYourself.EarlyLearning
*NEW* Little Adventurers: Mountain Pack (3-7)
*NEW* Little Adventurers: Mountain Climbing Gear Freebie (3-7)

Beyond the Book Education @Belzibow
Camping Lapbook (All Ages)
Picture Book Explorers- Stone Girl Bone Girl (5-10)
Picture Book Explorers- Granny Sarah & the Last Red Kite (5-10)

Crafts Fun and Learning @craftsfunandlearning
*NEW* Seashell Flashcards and Poster Set (2-9)
*NEW* Ocean Life Anatomy and Life Cycle Bundle (2-9) 
My First Ocean Flashcards (2-9)
*NEW* Zoo Learning Pack (2-9)
Seashell Coloring Sheet Freebie (all ages)

Fun Learning Resources @Fun_Learning_Resources
Let’s Explore Biomes Bundle (5+)

Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium
*NEW* Knots Freebie (3-14)
Phenology Wheel (3-14)
*NEW* Summer Solstice (3-14)
*NEW* A Year of Nature Play August (3-14)
Grasshopper Anatomy (3-14)
*NEW* Moths (3-14)
*NEW* Summer Tree (3-14)
*NEW* Giant Water Lily (3-14)

Guiding Tomorrow @GuidingTomorrow
*NEW* Butterfly Unit Study (4-8)
*NEW* Ocean Unit Study (4-8)

Harbor and Sprout @HarborandSprout
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Ocean Fun Pack (3-8)

Hearth Magic @MyHearthMagic
Prehistory Guide (5-9)
Fossil Cards (5-9)

HearthRoom Press @Hearthroom.Press
6 Practical Nature Puzzles with Chalk Art Prints (5+)

Heritage Letter @HeritageLetter
*NEW* 7 Wonders of the Natural World Unit (8-12)

Homeschool Mastery Academy @HomeschoolMasteryAcademy
Camping Planner and Activities (4-12)

Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Seashells Learning Pack (3-10)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Tree Leaf Learning Pack (5-12)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Nature Patterns Matching (2-8)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Rainbow Wildflowers (2-8)

Little Folk Learning @Little.Folk.Learning
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Camping Learning Bundle (3-6)
Leave No Trace Unit (freebie) (3-8)

Messy Beautiful Fun @DebbieJeanMcmullen
*NEW PRODUCT RELEASE* Urban Birds Nature Study (5-15)
Parts of a Flower Unit (5-15)
Mini Busy Book Freebie (5-15)

Montessori In Color @MontessoriInColor
*NEW* Congo Rainforest Unit (3+)

Montessori Factory @MontessoriFactory
Cardinal Points Cards (4-9)
Gem Count and Clip Cards (3-7)
Mushroom Types Cards (4-10)
Types of Seaweed Cards (4-10)

Montessori & Multilingual @Montessori.Multilingual
*EXCLUSIVE AND UNRELEASED* Guatemala Rainforest Unit (3-9)

Mornings Together @MorningsTogether
Sunflower Count and Clip Cards Freebie (3-6)
*NEW* Deep Sea Counting Activity (3-6)
Ocean Ten Frame (3-6)
Nature 1-20 Count and Match (3-6)
Schoolhouse Number Cards 0-100 (3-6)
Shell Color Match (3-6)

O’s Fun Planet @OsFunPlanet
*NEW* Birds of the World | Wildlife Education (3-7)
*NEW* Watercolor Bird Wall Art (0-9)
*NEW* Camping Games | Introduction to the Great Outdoors (3-7)
*NEW* Natural Disasters | Learning About Disasters (5-8)

Our Cooper Nest @OurCooperNest
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Camping and Hiking Trackers (3+)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Shadow Puppet Cards for Story Telling (3+)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Types of Campfires Cards (3+)

Redefining Default LLC @RedefiningDefault
*NEW* Relative Directions:The Missing Manuscript Mystery (6-12)
*NEW* Cardinal Directions: Orienteering Treasure Hunt (6-12)
*NEW* Cardinal Directions: Pirate Treasure Hunt (6-12)
*NEW* Navigation Treasure Hunt (6-12)

So Simple a Beginning @SoSimpleABeginning
Nature Bingo (4+)
Summer Senses Little Nature Reader (4+)
Forest Animal Tracks (4-8)

The Art Kit @TheArtKit
*NEW* Woodland Bundle (2-12)
Memory Match Cards Freebie (2-12)

The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Forest Fun- An Activity Pack (2-12)
Mushroom Number Cards Freebie (3-7)

The Masterpiece Studio @Build_Your_Masterpiece_Class
*EXCLUSIVE RELEASE* Adventures in Scotland 3 Week Unit Study with The Build Your Masterpiece Class (BYMC) (3-13+)

Tiny Acorn Atelier @JLeeJarrin
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Frog and Toad Storybook Inspired Puppet Set (all ages)
Summer in the Garden Bunting (all ages)
Waldorf-Inspired Seasonal Planning Pack (all ages) 

Wainbough Co. @WainboughCo
*NEW AND UNLISTED* Woodland Activity Bundle (3-6)
Nature Observation Journal Activity (5-12)
*NEW AND UNLISTED*  Bat Anatomy and Labeling Activity (5-12)
Bird Themed Sight Word Game (3-6)

Wild Feather Edu @WildFeatherEdu
United Kingdom Pack (3-11)
*NEW* Map of the World Pack (3-11)

Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah
Fossils Nature Unit Study (3-12)

Willow & Owl @WillowAndOwlToys
*NEW* Bamboo Anatomy Pack (5-12)
*NEW* African Lion Anatomy Pack (5-12)
*NEW* Safari Fact Cards (5-12)

The Harbor and Sprout community spans the globe and embraces families from many diverse backgrounds and belief systems. Our curated bundles do not include religious or faith-based material, nor do they impede families' option to add their own religious studies. Our bundles would best be described as neutral or non-sectarian.

You can find links to all the books from the product photos on our Amazon storefront, linked on our website.

Be sure to download and save these resources using the link delivered to you at your earliest convenience! Save them directly to your computer, an external drive, or to cloud storage. They are yours to keep and use forever!

We suggest saving the files, familiarizing yourself with what’s inside, and printing as you go on an as-needed basis. The material inside will last you years! If you’re in the market for a good printer, we recommend investing in a laser or Ecotank printer. Check our Amazon Storefront for links to some favorite printers! We have also partnered with Gloria Patri Print for a simple click to order print option.

We also suggest downloading the free Adobe Reader program to ensure that all of your files print at the intended, original quality. This program is available through their website: www.acrobat.adobe.com.

Bundles are a wonderful way to have a variety of resources on hand at an incredibly low price without using lots of physical space. Simply save to your computer and use the resources at will. Plan units around resources, add in plenty of books, and print off a unit or activity on a day you need something easy and new!

This collection features the work of over 30 of our favorite creators. It is an incredible deal!

You have the option to sign up for Harbor and Sprout’s monthly curriculum subscription for just $22 a month when you purchase the bundle. This curriculum is a family-style, secular learning system designed for ages 3-15 and covering all major school subjects. Each month, you’ll receive your curriculum delivery straight to your inbox with 4 weeks worth of math, history, science, writing, grammar, nature study, art, music, language arts, geography, wellness, thematic activities, foreign language, and nature activities, plus a curated book list and lesson plans designed to guide you through your learning. Come join in the Harbor and Sprout learning adventure!

Absolutely! If you are an instructor, you are welcome to purchase the bundle and use the resources for your class. However, please do not share or distribute the files with parents. If you’d like everyone in the class to own the bundle, please send each family the link to purchase a copy of their own!

This collection will not be available again after the sale ends. After the 9th, individual products can be purchased from each shop at full price. Many of the individual items are valued at the same price as the full bundle, so take advantage!

Your link will not expire, and you will have 10 attempts to fully download the product. If you are unable to successfully download with those 10 tries, please reach out and we will help!

Everything in this bundle is being featured in a bundle for the first time. Additionally, many of the products are brand new and exclusive to the Harbor and Sprout Explorer Bundle!

This collection is valued at $550, and contains over 80 products and 2000+ pages! Invest just $25, save the files to your computer, and you will be making memories with these resources for years to come!

Yes! If you've purchased the bundle, you have all of the freebies.