homeschool curriculum and unit studies for all ages
homeschool curriculum and unit studies for all ages



A Childhood Set Apart @AChildhoodSetApart
*NEW* A to Z Dogs Study Pack (3-7)
A Home Grown Love @A.Home.Grown.Love
Nature Activity Bundle (2-7)
Beyond the Book Education @Belzibow
Let's Explore Sowing & Planting Linked Lapbook (5-10)
Let's Explore World Oceans Day Linked Lapbook (5-10)
Picture Book Explorers- The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue (5-10)
Crafts Fun and Learning @CraftsFunandLearning
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Spring Learning Pack (2-12)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Strawberry Investigation Set (2-12)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Watermelon Investigation Set (2-12)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Raspberry Stand Pretend Set (2-12)

Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium
*NEW* British Birds (3-14)
*NEW* ECO Goals (3-14)
*NEW* Grass Unit (3-14)
*NEW* First Aid Kit Spanish/English (3-14)
*NEW* Heart Anatomy Spanish/English (3-14)
*NEW* Nesting Birds (3-14)
*NEW* Nurture and Nature March Primrose (3-14)
*NEW* Nutrition Spanish/English (3-14)
*NEW* Snails Unit (3-14)
*NEW* Water Lily Unit (3-14)
*NEW* Wildflowers Unit (3-14)
Growing Gardenside @Growing_Gardenside
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* FORTE Frog Songs and Folk Tunes (3-14)

Guiding Tomorrow @GuidingTomorrow
Bugs Busy Book (3-5)
Farm Animals Busy Book (3-5)
Plant Unit Study (3-5)
Hearth Magic @MyHearthMagic
The Secret Garden Learning Guide (8-11)
*NEW* The Carbon Cycle (8-11)
*NEW* Worm Learning Set (8-11)
HearthRoom Press @Hearthroom.Press
Focused Magnolia Study (6+)
Homeschool Mastery Academy @HomeschoolMasteryAcademy
*NEW* 22 of the Best Easy Hands-On Crafts for Kids (All Ages)
Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy
*NEW* Spring Preposition Learning Game (5-8)
*NEW* Butterflies Counting (3-6)
*NEW* Butterfly Symmetry (3-6)
Garden Herbs Cards (3-8)
*EXCLUSIVE* Lifecycle of a Honey Bee (3-8)
*EXCLUSIVE* Lifecycle of a Frog (3-8)
Little Folk Learning @Little.Folk.Learning
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Nature Activity Book (3-5)
Messy Beautiful Fun @DebbieJeanMcmullen
ABC Beatles Activity Pack (2-10)
In My Garden Activity Unit (2-10)
Skip Counting in the Garden (2-10)
Charcuterie Dramatic Play Restaurant (2-10)

Monkinya @Monkinya
Monkinya Habit Tracker Coloring Pages (3+)
Fruits and Vegetables Cards Set (3+)
Nature and Animals Coloring Pages (3+)
Set of 3 Kids Room Digital Wall Art (3+)
Montessori Factory @Montessori_Factory
*EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE* Foundational Poster Pack (all ages)

Mornings Together @MorningsTogether
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Pond Learning Pack (2-8)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Turtle Coloring Pages (2-8)
Pond Scavenger Hunt Cards (2-8)
Pond Morning Book (2-8)
My Darling Chickadee @MyDarlingChickadee
The Colors of Winter Pack (all ages)
The Colors of Autumn Pack (all ages
Nature Homeschool @NatureHomeschool
Botany Unit 1: Forest Biomes and Trees (5-15)
O’s Fun Planet @OsFunPlanet
Rid the Waste Game | Environmental Learning (4-7)
Zero Waste Game | Go Zero Waste! (4-7)
Veggies Matching Game | Pretend Garden (3-6)
Forest Animals Fun | Forest Learning Game (3-6)
Our Cooper Nest @OurCooperNest
Phenology Weather Wheel (4+)
Time Telling Printable (4+)
Days of the Week Practice (4+)
Chore Chart (4+)
Homeschool Curriculum Planner (For Parents)

PapaSlon @PapaSlon.Shop
Matisse Unit (3-9)
Klimt Unit (3-9)
Kusama Unit (3-9)
Constellations Unit (3-9)
Moon Unit (3-9)
Playingtots @PlayingTots
Bugs Counting Activity (2-5)
Spring Busy Book (2-4)
Bugs Matching Activity (2-3)
Raising Dinos @Raising_Dinos
Butterfly Unit (3-8)
Pond Unit (3-8)
Redefining Default LLC @RedefiningDefault
Structured Brainstorming Exercise (5+)
Goal Setting and Planning Exercise (5+)
Project, Experience, Growth, Research, & Source Evaluation Templates (5+)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Outdoor "Fairy Garden" Educational Treasure Hunt (5-8)
RFTS Preschool2Kindergarten @RFTSPreschool
Look and Find It Picture Boxes (3-5)
Roll and Color A to Z (3-5)

So Simple a Beginning @SoSimpleABeginning
*NEW* Endangered Species Around the World Vol. 1- Mammals (4-8)
Earth Activity Pack (3-6)
Earth Lacing Card Freebie (3-7)
Tacklebox Montessori @TackleboxMontessori
*NEW* Montessori Maritime Bundle (3-9)

The Art Kit @TheArtKit
*NEW* Mother Nature Early Learning Bundle (3-8)
The Brilliant Bungalow @BrilliantBungalow
Colors and Birds Matching (2-5)
Cutting Practice (2-6)
Lots of Dots Game (All ages)
Number Cards (1-6)
Anatomy of a Book (All ages)
Patterns (2-7)
Spectacular Shapes (2-7)
The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_
Kaleidoscope Unit (6-12)
Once Upon a Time Cards (2-10)
Alphabet Flash Cards- Uppercase and Lowercase Freebie (2-5)
Vintage Moths and Butterflies Prints Freebie (all ages)
Planner Pages Freebie (14-adult)
Not All Classrooms Print Freebie (all ages)
The Homeschooling Mama of 3 Blog @TheHomeschoolingMamaof3
*NEW* Harbor Themed Activity Printable Set (3-12)
Garden Journal Template (3-12)
Butterfly Flashcards and Match Up Sheet (3-12)
Carrot Math Coloring Pages (3-12)
The Masterpiece Studio @Build_Your_Masterpiece_Class
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Forget Me Not Unit Study (3-13)
*NEW SET* Back to Homeschool Bundle (3-13)
Dandelion Pack (3-13)
Strawberry Tea Time Pack (3-13)
Garden & Herb Learning Pack (3-13)
How to Build a Masterpiece With a Child (all ages)

Tiny Acorn Atelier @JLeeJarrin
To Make A Prairie Mini Poetry Pack (all ages)
Waldorf-Inspired Phenology Wheel (all ages)
Phenology Wheel Templates (all ages)
Wainbough Co. @WainboughCo
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Dandelion Three Part Cards (3-12)
*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Build a Flower Craft (all ages)
Dandelion Anatomy Poster (all ages)
Parts of a Tree Labeling Activity (3-12)
Parts of a Plant Mini Bundle- Labeling Activity and Puzzle (3-12)
Layers of the Earth Labeling Activity (3-12)
Earth's Atmosphere Labeling Activity (3-12)
Spring Craft Stick Puppets (all ages)
Weather Tracker (all ages)
Nature Drawing Scavenger Hunt (all ages)

Wander and Wonder Studio, LTD. @WanderandWonder.Studio
*NEW* Bee the Change, Bumblebee Unit for Early Years (2-7)
Wild Feather Edu @WildFeatherEdu
*EXCLUSIVE US LETTER SIZE* Outdoor Journal and Planting Log (3-11)
Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah
Planet Earth Nature Unit Study (2-8)
Gardens Nature Unit Study (2-8)
Willow & Owl @WillowAndOwlToys
*NEW* Exploring Beaches and Marshes (6-12)
This Growing Life @ThisGrowingLife


Camp Castle @CampCastlePlaymats

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