Meet the Team

Danielle is the mother of 4 wild things and the heart of Harbor + Sprout, which is a thousand dreams, ideas, and conversations all coming to life. Most of her favorite childhood memories consist of walking barefoot through creek beds in Kansas, fishing off the back of a canoe, or watching thunderstorms from the front porch, and now she loves bringing her kids in on the magic. She realized early on in motherhood that everyone was very content to be forever reading books, exploring outside, creating, and being together, and homeschooling was the clear path for a lifetime of making memories. Danielle has a deep love of learning, and in the quiet of the night when everyone is tucked in bed just a room away, you can always find her up too late reading a book. Curiosity and wonder are forever alive in her, and now she gets to share this passion with her own children and all of you through Harbor + Sprout!
Stephanie is a second generation homeschooler and mama of three. Growing up, she was always outside and constantly creating. Exploring her own little corner of the world from such an early age cultivated a curiosity and love of learning that she is now passionate about passing on to her kids. She is an avid artist, professional photographer, freelance graphic designer, and devoted writer. Her inspiration is the natural world around her and discovering it through the eyes of her children. She firmly believes that there is magic to be found everywhere, especially in the everyday, in between moments, we just have to train our eyes to see it. As Harbor + Sprout began to take form, Stephanie created the logo, perfectly capturing the heart behind what we do. She also photographs the majority of our content, is the artist behind our monthly characters, and the designer of the Explorer Toolkit. Everything she creates is interlaced with bits and pieces of herself - you can get to know her more through the Art and History units of the Harbor + Sprout curriculum and by following along with us here on Instagram!

Jennifer grew up along the Columbia River in eastern Washington where she learned to listen for the song of redwing blackbirds and how to skip rocks. A life-long lover of books, she has a degree in English and spent her pre-mom years working for an early literacy program at a public library. She has a background in classical music and has taught piano and music lessons for the past ten years.    

Along with her husband, four kids, and Rembrandt the goldendoodle, Jennifer lives in a big, old brick house filled with books and surrounded by a very overgrown garden in a small town in northwest Missouri. When she's not homeschooling her kids or teaching piano lessons, Jennifer works as a free-lance creator for digital and print publications, including Bravery Magazine, her own Play-Along Adventures classical music curriculum, and of course, Harbor + Sprout. 

Lauren is the social media manager for Harbor and Sprout! Chances are if you’re chatting with us via DM or in comments, it’s her you’re talking to!

You can also find her content in the curriculum under the subject wellness + quiet time which happen to be two of my life passions!

Another place you can find her is over where she shares wellness, recipes, and all things motherhood journey related!

Lauren is mama to my soon to be six (😱) year old little boy and they live in the Austin, Texas area where they love exploring the great outdoors together, coming up with new recipes, and creating with anything they can get their hands on!

Lauren's love for homeschool started a few years ago when she found a strong desire to keep her baby home with her for all life’s lessons and learning opportunities. They've been in this together ever since and are excited for this journey through Harbor + Sprout!

Christina was raised in a cozy 1700’s farmhouse in rural Maine, surrounded by wild blueberry fields, gardens, and goats. 

Homeschooling was always an exciting adventure with their family of eight. Even on a tight budget, her parents found creative ways to provide enrichment opportunities and lessons, giving their children space to explore and develop a true love for learning.

Christina discovered she was good at basically anything creative, terrible at team sports, really loved horses, and always wanted to make things look pretty.

After meeting her future husband in college at their freshman jazz ensemble (he was the bass player and she was the piano player), Christina started creating band posters for friends, and fell in love with graphic design as well.

Christina lives with her little family on the rocky coast of Maine, and creates nature-based multilingual printables @morningstogether. As a digital illustrator and professional graphic designer, Christina started Mornings Together after creating high-quality bilingual printables for her own daughter. She brings a passion for homeschool and a love for nature to her Harbor + Sprout contributions.

Vanessa began her small business - Wild Feather Edu - while trying to find inspiration for her homeschooling family. 

As an artist, she wanted to find something aesthetically pleasing, but useful, and more importantly something that would make learning fun for her children. 

Vanessa struggled to find exactly what she was looking for, so decided to create her own for everyone to use and enjoy. She paints or draws all her own images and then researches the text through many books and websites to ensure accuracy. 

Vanessa's love for nature and animals is a constant source of inspiration for many of her packs. She views each resource as a piece of artwork, as well as educational. 

Vanessa and her family love exploring, going on adventures, and wild swimming. She hopes her posters and packs help to bring joy into your homeschooling life.

We love to hear from you! Contact us at or find us on Instagram @harborandsprout!