harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources
harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources

Our Approach to Education

Homeschooling Is Different In Every Home

Many families choose to homeschool because they have a unique vision for their family’s learning and homeschool gives them the freedom, time, and space to bring that vision to life. Here at Harbor + Sprout, we provide a gentle structure to act as your guide while allowing for all the unexpected paths you may choose to follow.

OPEN-ENDED EDUCATION: We take learning far beyond the surface, allowing your students to experience deeper-level education. Together, we will teach them HOW to learn.

You’ll find much more than facts and information inside of this curriculum (though you’ll find plenty of that, too). The way our lessons are designed is such that you'll find opportunities for engagement and curiosity at every turn. School the Harbor + Sprout way is not simply something to check off the list for the day. Our philosophy encourages learning through life, deep level learning, and critical thinking. Dig deep and experience the joy of lifelong education and love of learning!

Harbor + Sprout is a Catalyst Curriculum

CATALYST CURRICULUM: This is a curriculum full of lessons that act as a catalyst for rich, deep learning. Think of each lesson as a door meant to be opened to a new world of exploration.

Each family may find a completely different experience behind the same door, and that is what makes this curriculum so beautiful. After all, so many of the best moments and learning connections happen thanks to natural curiosity! The desire to learn is one of the most organic, innate human traits. We’re here to set all kinds of adventures, memories, and experiences in motion with your family for years to come. 

How It Started

CREATING THE DREAM: What we needed for our own children did not exist. With Harbor + Sprout, we are bringing our dream to life for families all over the world.

When we first begun homeschooling, we wanted one curriculum we could use with all of our children at the same time. We also wanted something devoid of a script that allowed for us to take our school days in the direction that they naturally flowed. Harbor + Sprout has brought all of those dreams to life and more. With its gentle structure and robust content, you’ll find the joy of learning in each lesson for the whole family at once. Learning is meant to be experienced!

Harbor and Sprout Curriculum


About Our Curriculum Welcome to Harbor and Sprout: a comprehensive, nature-inspired, open-ended curriculum for the whole family, delivered to your inbox for $22 a month. Inside each monthly unit, you will find four weeks' worth of learning resources and lesson plans covering all subjects for your learners ages 3-12. Join the adventure and learn the Harbor & Sprout way with us! You may cancel your subscription at any time, penalty-free. Don't forget to add your Explorer Toolkit, the ultimate expl ...