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EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE ITEM by The Thinking Tree LLC @sarah_janisse_brown

  • *EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE* Nature Study and Outdoor Science Journal (ages 8+, even adults use and love it!): A full year of science and research for creative and active students! A Creative Book of Observation, Drawing, Coloring, Writing & Discovery Through Nature- Fun-Schooling for All Ages. More than 180 Lessons!
  • *EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE* Homeschooling Handbook for Moms: How to Teach by Example (for mothers): Fun-Schooling by Example! Welcome to Mom-School. This is your “Mom Workbook” featuring a Study Guide, Personal Planner, Journal & Stress Reducing Coloring Book! This book has many of the same types of pages as your child's Thinking Tree Journal! Over 180 Pages of peaceful, interesting, and inspiring activities for homeschooling moms to help you be an example to your children while becoming a more organized, more peaceful, less stressed out momma.

Acorn to Oak @acorntoak

  • *NEW* Space Discovery Unit (7-14): In this unit you will learn how we discover the cosmos. We will explore the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Telescope and the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. 

Acorns and Aprons @acornsandaparons

  • Wild Morel Nature Learning Bundle (3-14): This Wild Morel Mushrooms printable bundle has 63 pages carefully designed to help you learn about morels. For ages 3-14, pick and choose your activities based on age and skill level.  The look-inside mushroom diagrams can be made into interactive learning tools to help you discover the magical world of wild morel mushrooms in a fun way. Print the anatomy posters any size, including poster size! Create your own memory and sorting games or learn colours and numbers, all while learning about these interesting wild mushrooms.  All of the illustrations have been hand drawn by us. 
  • *NEW* Wild Mushroom Discovery Bundle (all ages): This is an excellent starter pack to get kids interested in mushroom hunting, with a range of materials to help identify some basic species (King Bolete, Shaggy Mane, Indigo Milk Cap, Chanterelle, and the Fly Agaric) that are common, widespread, and easy to identify. The bundle has hand illustrations drawn by us, with mini-mushroom fact booklets, mushroom anatomy, posters, worksheets, journals, and other useful resources for teaching kids about fungi. 
  • Wild Mushroom Spore Prints FREEBIE (3-12): a NEW 27 page mushroom discovery unit with steps on how to create a mushroom spore print from a wild mushroom. There are journal covers and recording pages to help you record your scientific findings. Set up a complete spore print learning and experiment station with colourful decorative spore banners to assemble as you wish. There are fun cards to share with friends that can be used as templates in crafting. The kids will also enjoy playing the spore print tic-tac-toe game while they wait for their mushroom spore prints to be ready. By Acorns and Aprons ©2022 @acorns.and.aprons

Beyond the Book Education @Belzibow

  • *NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Let's Explore Ice Age Animals Linked Lapbook (5-10): Lapbook templates with instructions and practical activities to learn about the animals of the Ice Age. Includes links to information, printables and videos for a family research project with differentiated activities.
  • Let's Explore Insects Linked Lapbook (5-12): Lapbook templates with full instructions and practical activities to learn about insects. Includes links to information and more for a family research project with differentiated activities.
  • *NEW* Picture Book Explorers Quest - Gulliver (8-12): Cross-curricular literature-based unit study to accompany the abridged version of Gulliver's Travels illustrated by Chris Riddell, winner of the 2004 Kate Greenaway Medal. Includes minibook templates and full instructions for hands-on activities.

Books and Willows @BooksAndWillows

  • *NEW* Rose Looking Glass Nature Study (5-12): Join us for our Rose Looking Glass Nature Study with 22 Charlotte Mason inspired activities including open and go learning guides, vintage anatomy & lifecycle worksheets, artwork study, music study, poetry & copywork, folklore, crafting, a Rose Nature Journal, and more!

Crafts Fun and Learning @craftsfunandlearning

  • *NEW* Beautiful Birds Learning Pack (3-7): Loaded with bird-themed activities including addition and subtraction mats, scavenger hunt, find and count, roll-add-cover, skip counting puzzles, cut apart puzzles, race game, count and clip cards, synonym and antonym sort, three-part cards, and tracing.
  • *NEW* Bird Watching Journal (5-11): Open-ended observation pages to join you on all your birdwatching adventures.
  • Bird and Nest Tic Tac Toe FREEBIE (all ages): Play a favorite classic game with a twist to include our feathered friends!

Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium

  • Slugs Vs. Snails (3-14): Anatomy and facts about slugs and snails, memory game, word recognition playdough mats, and writing practice. *NEW*
  • Galls and Plant Dyes (5-14): Facts about galls and recipes for natural plant dyes and paints. *NEW*
  • Labyrinth and Intention Cards FREEBIE (4-14): How to make a natural labyrinth and set an intention or wish in the center; mindfulness for children. Note: may be viewed as having religious connotations.

Guiding Tomorrow @guidingtomorrow

  • Our World Unit Study (4-8): All about the seven continents and some of their major landmarks. Includes information pages, continent matching puzzle, compass play, literacy activities, syllable clip cards, math mats, skip counting puzzles, three-part continent cards, and more.
  • Sunflower Unit Study (3-8): All about sunflowers with lessons and activities, including literacy, math, number line practice, sunflower life cycle and anatomy, word search, roll and read, and more.
  • Things that Go Flashcards FREEBIE (2-5): Explore your favorite modes of transportation!

Harbor + Sprout @HarborandSprout

  • *NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Great Barrier Reef Art Pack (all ages): Stunning vintage art prints of the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants with labels to corresponding figures and diagrams. Print full size to use as art prints or print as pocket cards for reference. These art prints can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and are certain to inspire anyone looking to bring this wonder of nature to life in their own homes!
  • *NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Discover the Ocean Activity Pack (3-7): Explore the ocean with ocean animal anatomy, matching cards, counting cards, tracing and coloring, posters, and free play scenes.

Hearth Magic @myhearthmagic


  • *NEW* Star Wars Hero's Journey Set (8-12): Explore the "Hero's Journey" with the Star Wars Universe as your inspiration. Included are: a mini script to act out part of the movie, puppets to retell favorite scenes, background information on George Lucas and his inspiration for creating Star Wars, A Hero's Journey Breakdown and five writing assignments.
  • Perseids Meteor Set (6-11): Get ready for the awe-inspiring meteor shower that takes place each August and learn about the mythology behind the stars. Included are flash cars, coloring page of Perseus, the legend of Perseus, Songs of the night sky and a reading list.
  • Full Moon Set (all ages): Supplement your studies of the moon with this wonderful set which includes: the phases of the moon, which can be hung as decoration or used in learning activities, Flash cards with their phases name, coloring pages for each full moon, Colored illustrations for the full moons for the year. 


  • Summer Rhythm Wheel FREEBIE (all ages): Make your own spinner and choose activities to enjoy all summer long!

Heritage Letter @heritageletter

  • *NEW* Discover Your Roots through Your Family Tree (8-12): -Beginning Genealogy tips, resources, lessons, projects, ancestor profiles, ancestor interview worksheet, & more!

Hollow and Hoot @HollowandHoot

  • *NEW* Discover Ancient Egypt Unit (5-14): Take a journey to Ancient Egypt with maps and timelines as references as you study Egyptian pharaohs, pyramids, mummification, gods, hieroglyphics, papyrus, math, games, food, and music. Includes count and clip cards, handwriting practice, coloring, and further resources to guide your study!

Homeschool Mastery Academy @HomeschoolMasteryAcademy

  • Summer Bug Study Pack (5-12): Our Bug Study Pack Includes Introduction Page and Explanation of Bugs, Simple Project Idea, Sketch and Label Your Bug Page, Draw the Life Cycle of Your Bug, Draw Your Bug’s Habitat, 2 Writing Prompts/Ideas, 2 Pages to Log and Identify Your Bug, 1 Free Draw Page
  • Make Fingerprint Insects and Bug Art (all ages): Pack Includes A set of in-process photos and one page of written instructions for each insect, spider, bug, or snail, Instructions for each: Bee, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Ladybug, Spider, Snail, Graphics of empty jar and filled jar for inspiration.
  • Winter Nature Explorer’s Tinker Box Supply List (3-12): We have put together a supply list to help you create the perfect Winter Nature Explorer’s Tinker Box. Our supply list includes easy items to collect from nature, household items, kitchen supplies, and craft supplies.

The Homeschooling Mama of 3 Blog @homeschoolingmamaof3

  • Europe Activity Printables (3-14): Learn all about Europe on a backpacking adventure from your own home as you explore flags, maps, puzzles, and activities all about Europe’s wonderful countries!
  • Ancient Civilization Activity Printables (5-12): Explore ancient civilizations with timeline activities, coloring, puzzles, crafts, and activities to engage all learners!
  • Carrot Math Color Pages FREEBIE (5-12): Practice addition and multiplication with a fun color-by-number activity.

Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy

  • *NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Minibeast Nature Journal (3-12): An a-z journal of minibeasts with image and alphabet pages for each minibeast and open-ended writing pages for your own discoveries, plus a template to create your own minibeast nature journal with pages to write your own observations! 
  • *NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Tropical Fish Matching Cards FREEBIE (3-12): Identify the different tropical fish and match the pattern of each fish.

In the Forest We Go @IntheForestWeGo

  • Sunflower Unit Study (5-8): A STEAM study packet that includes vocabulary and sight words, life cycle and anatomy, art appreciation, simple recipe, poetry, writing practice, symmetry drawing. 

Messy Beautiful Fun @DebbieJeanMcMullen

  • Coffee Shop Pretend Kit (3-10): Everything you need for a pretend play coffee shop! Includes menus with the option to use premade prices or set your own, signs, name tags, build-your-own menu, ingredient and supplies printables, decor signs, receipts, coupons, and coloring pages.
  • Draw and Write Prompts (3-10): Over 50 beginner writing prompts with coloring to inspire imagination and help children to discover their writing voice.
  • CVC Blending Mats (4-7): Blend words with CVC mats including fun characters and scenes to bring early reading to life.
  • Playdough Math Mats (4-8): Practice addition in open-ended ways with math mats and loose parts for tactile learning.
  • Subitizing 1-10 (3-9): Math centers and worksheets to help practice subitization up to 10. Activities include number tracing cards with numerals and words, ten frame clip cards, three-part cards, practice worksheets, tally pages, and matching.

Modern Imagination Toys @ModernImaginationToys

  • Salmon Nature Study (3-8): A hands-on study that includes zoology, numeracy, and literacy about one of our planet’s most important and threatened species.

The Modern Montessori Guide @modernmontessoriguide

  • Types of Mushrooms 3-Part Cards (8-12): This instructional set includes engaging illustrations and description cards featuring 8 different types of edible mushrooms as well as booklets with blackline masters to create their own nature guide!
  • Photosynthesis Unit (9-12): This botany-focused unit dives into the stages of photosynthesis through reading passages, 3-part cards, impressionistic posters and stories, and a hands-on representation of the chemical process. Students are encouraged to explore the Greek and Latin derivations of the words presented as well as complete sequencing sorts!
  • Pollinator Plants 3-Part Cards (8-12): This botany-focused set introduces children to 8 different plants that attract pollinators using beautiful watercolor illustrations and description 3-part cards. Also included are handwriting practice sheets and a memory game!

Mornings Together @MorningsTogether

  • *NEW PRODUCTS INCLUDED* Seashell Mini Bundle (2-6): This collection of seashell activities includes Seashell Wands, Seashell Lacing Cards, Seashell Matching Squares, Shell Collection Shadow Match, 1-20 Count and Clip Cards (large and small), Seashell Poster, and Shell Color Sort.
  • *NEW* Seashell Wands FREEBIE (2-6): Make your own seashell wands to play with as you choose!

Nature Society @Nature_Soc

  • Curious Caves Unit Study (3-11): Get ready to enter into an immersive study where you will embark on an adventure to navigate the curious world of caves! This study contains 49 pages of curriculum designed for a variety of learning levels, including fact sheets, flash cards, hands-on activities, cave creatures three-part cards, cave features three-part cards, art exploration, anatomy of a cave, writing practice, coloring pages, and more!

PlayroomActivities @PlayroomActivities

  • *NEW* Ocean Discovery Unit (3-10): Explore the different layers of the ocean through STEM activities, games, and other play-based learning.

So Simple a Beginning @SoSimpleABeginning

  • Summer Early Learning Pack (3-6): Discover summer with the Summer Early Learning Pack! This hand-illustrated pack includes a series of hands-on, summer-themed early learning activities that focus on developing early reading, writing, and math skills while celebrating the summer season.
  • Summer 3-Part Cards SPANISH (3+): Discover summer en español with the Spanish summer-themed 3-part cards! The following hand-painted illustrations/Spanish vocabulary words are included in this printable activity: margarita (daisy), hoja (leaf), mosquito (mosquito), sol (sun), cigarra (cicada), mariposa (butterfly), fresa (strawberry), and girasol (sunflower). 
  • Summer 3-Part Cards FRENCH (3+): Discover summer en français with the French summer-themed 3-part cards! The following illustrations/French vocabulary words are included in this printable activity: marguerite (daisy), feuille (leaf), moustique (mosquito), soleil (sun), cigale (cicada), papillon (butterfly), fraise (strawberry), and tournesol (sunflower). 

Tacuco @TacucoKids

  • *NEW* Pirates Activity Bundle (3-6): An activity pack full of pirate fun featuring flash cards, vocabulary cards, numbers 1-20 cards, shadow matching memory game, a maze to find the treasure, I spy with finding and counting, treasure hunt in which you design the path to the treasure, finding pairs, sequences and patterns, coloring, roll and cut dice, tracing to match images, cutting strips for fine motor practice, puzzle cards, and addition activity. 
  • Pirates Vocabulary Flash Cards FREEBIE (3-6): A piece of the Pirates Activity Bundle, these cards focus on literacy with count and clip cards and three-part cards. 

Teach Your Child Piano @teachyourchildpiano

  • Grand Masters of Music Bundle (3-9): This bundle will help pre-school and primary school aged kids discover four of the Grand Masters of Music through a comprehensive composer study. Activities included are Colouring Pages, Facts and Bio, Geography, History and Music. The four composers included in this bundle are Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Camille Saint Saens and Sergei Prokofiev. No prior knowledge of music is required. This bundle will keep your kids entertained for hours and introduce them to some of the greatest composers of all time.

The Art Kit @TheArtKit

  • *NEW* Tools 3-Part Cards (3+): The Art Kit's Tools 3-Part Cards make learning about tools easy and fun! Work on tool recognition, spelling, reading, and more with this fun printable pack! 
  • *NEW* Construction Machinery 3-Part Cards FREEBIE (3+): The Art Kit's Construction Machinery 3-Part Cards make learning about construction machinery easy and fun! Work on construction machinery recognition, spelling, reading, and more with this fun printable pack! 
  • *NEW* Collective Nouns for Animals Activity Pack (3+): The Art Kit's Collective Nouns for Animals Activity Pack makes learning about animal groups fun! Do you know what a group of butterflies is called? Learn this plus so much more with this fun printable pack!

The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_

  • *NEW* Spinning Tops: A Brief History (5-12): Learn all about the history of a favorite toy- the spinning top! This pack includes history information, art appreciation, different types of tops, instructions and templates to plan and build your own spinning top, anatomy of a top, tops around the world, spinning tops cards, copywork, coloring, and the science of how these gadgets work. 

These Reveries @These_Reveries 

  • *NEW* Honeybees Around the World (5-10): A look at bees and honey in folklore and mythology across the globe.
  • Bee Greeting Cards FREEBIE (all ages): Two bee cards that make an encouraging gift for a friend!

The Treasure Hunt Builder @treasurehuntbuilder

  • Animal Adventure Math Treasure Hunt (4-7): Solve the puzzles and follow the clues to each location to find the animal. This treasure hunt covers addition and subtraction to 20, measuring with a ruler, counting by twos, reading a bar graph, finding the perimeter of a square, recognizing one quarter, and using cardinal directions to navigate. 
  • Shapes Math Scavenger Hunt (3-7): Discover shapes all around you and enjoy thinking creatively with this active and engaging scavenger hunt!

Whimsy Printables @WhimsyPrintables

  • Discover the Garden Pack (2-6): Discover the garden in playful and open-ended ways with garden flash cards, number sequence activities, count and clip cards, flower petal counting, matching, fruit or vegetable sort, cut apart puzzles, number puzzles, tic tac toe, number cards, upper- and lower-case matching cards, watering can alphabet and spelling cards, and coloring pages, all with beautiful garden-themed artwork!
  • In the Garden Number Match FREEBIE: Match the numerals with the number of images!
  • Garden Number Cards FREEBIE: Counting cards to 20 with corresponding images to depict each number. 

Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah

  • Monarch Butterflies Nature Unit Study (3-14): Learn all about monarch butterflies with this engaging unit study featuring information pages, origami, symmetry, count and clip cards, pattern block exercise, poetry, copywork, coloring pages, three-part cards, cut and paste activities, literacy exercises, upper-and lower-case letter matching, and other resources to enhance your study.

Willow & Owl @WillowAndOwlToys

  • *NEWLY RELEASED* Little Farm Unit Study (6-14): Wonderful tools for the backyard farmers, homesteaders, and gardening people. Features a 37 page unit on backyard animals, gardening, and mini farming. 
  • *NEW* Tide Pool Activity Pack (6-14): Tide pool puzzles and ocean resources with ideas on how to further build your lessons all about tide pools! 

Writings From the Wild @writingsfromthewild

  • Jaguar Letter (4-10): Handcrafted letter with collector's card and activity sheet.  Journey to the Amazon Rainforest and hunt with a jaguar!

Voyages Through Ink

  • Pack of 12 Illustrated Travel & Adventure Letters (all ages): A set of 12 illustrated letters following the adventures of an explorer who travels around the world discovering different lands and cultures.

Promotional Freebies

  • Construction Machinery 3-Part Cards by The Art Kit
  • Pirates Vocabulary Flash Cards, 3-part cards, and clip cards  by Tacuco
  • Labyrinth and Intention Cards by Gabitat Emporium
  • Carrot Math Color Pages by The Homeschooling Mama of 3 Blog
  • Tropical Fish Matching Cards by Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Seashell Wands by Mornings Together
  • In the Garden Number Match by Whimsy Printables
  • Garden Number Cards by Whimsy Printables
  • Bee Greeting Cards by These Reveries
  • Things that Go Flash Cards by Guiding Tomorrow
  • Bird and Nest Tic Tac Toe by Crafts Fun and Learning
  • Summer Rhythm Wheel by Hearth Magic
  • Wild Mushroom Spore Prints Pack by Acorns and Aprons

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You have the option to add two exclusive digital Funschooling books by the thinking tree for either $15 for both or $10 for just one! Here's what you'll get:

Nature Study and Outdoor Science Journal (ages 8+, even adults use and love it!): A full year of science and research for creative and active students! A Creative Book of Observation, Drawing, Coloring, Writing & Discovery Through Nature- Fun-Schooling for All Ages. More than 180 Lessons!

Homeschooling Handbook for Moms: How to Teach by Example (for mothers): Fun-Schooling by Example! Welcome to Mom-School. This is your “Mom Workbook” featuring a Study Guide, Personal Planner, Journal & Stress Reducing Coloring Book! This book has many of the same types of pages as your child's Thinking Tree Journal! Over 180 Pages of peaceful, interesting, and inspiring activities for homeschooling moms to help you be an example to your children while becoming a more organized, more peaceful, less stressed out momma.

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