Adventure Bundle FAQ

A Childhood Set Apart @AChildhoodSetApart

  • Autumn Early Math Bundle (elementary): an open-ended, autumnn-themed math pack for elementary-aged learners.

Acorns and Aprons @acorns.and.aprons

  • Wild Moon Monthly Learning Bundle (all ages): 120 pages of hand~Painted and illustrated artwork all about the monthly full moons and the changing moon phases. Follow along with the monthly moons and the moon phases using the school year moon calendar. Celebrate the special moon each month, with crowns, bookmarks, journals, posters and more. 
  • Luna Moth and Moon Dream Journal (all ages): Full moon activity poster, Luna moth and moon dream journal cover and template insert pages, with a moon and Luna moth cutouts to use as pencil toppers or wands and more. 

Bee Yourself Early Learning @Beeyourself.Earlylearning

  • Bird Journal (5-10): This bird observation journal includes pages to learn about different traits of birds, as well as collect feathers, photos, observations, and notes. 

Beyond the Book Education @Belzibow

  • Picture Book Explorers ~ Fog Island (5 to 10): Cross-curricular lit-based unit study inspired by the book Fog Island by Tomi Ungerer. Set in Ireland, two children set off on an adventure to find the Fog Man. The study guide takes you to Ireland to explore myths, legend, fog and so much more.
  • Picture Book Explorers ~ Gracie, the Lighthouse Cat (5 to 10): Cross-curricular lit-based unit study inspired by the book Gracie, the Lighthouse Cat by Ruth Brown. Set in Northumberland, the book tells the story of Grace Darling and the real-life adventure that befell her as she rescued passengers from a shipwreck. The study guide takes you to Northumberland where you will explore the story of Grace Darling in more detail and learn about wind, genre and so much more.
  • Let's Explore The Compass Project Lapbook (8 to 12): Cross-curricular unit study with lapbook to introduce the compass. Explore history, geography, art, maths and more as you learn how to read and use a compass.

Crafts Fun and Learning @craftsfunandlearning

  • My Nature Journal (4-12): This bright and simple nature journal is the perfect addition to your nature unit study or just for your nature loving little one! Take this journal with you on nature walks and look for nature! Then you can document your nature adventures in this beautiful nature journal.
  • Nutty Squirrel Math Game (4-8): This Nutty Squirrel Math Game is such a fun and hands on way for your little one to work on their addition and subtraction skills.
  • Woodland Tot Pack (3-6): This Woodland Tot School Pack is filled with 8 fun and hands on learning activities that are perfect for the littlest learners!
  • In My Forest Game  (2-6): This In My Forest Game is such a fun way for your little learner to work on their matching skills!

Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium

  • Hedgerow Adventures (6+): Foraging, wildcraft, recipes, and activities using 9 common hedgerow plants.

Guiding Tomorrow @guidingtomorrow

  • Transport Busy Book (2-4): A fun interactive binder for preschoolers that love Vehicles
  • Volcano Unit Study (4-8): Science-based unit perfect for kindergarteners learning about volcanoes
  • Birds Unit Study (4-8): Science-based unit on the birds you can find in your backyard

Harbor + Sprout @HarborandSprout

  • EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE Essentials Bundle (2-10): The Harbor + Sprout Essentials Bundle features 15 essential early learning activities and resources to help practice the building blocks of education. This set includes open-ended resources to practice concepts of literacy, phonics, numeracy, sight words, writing and letter formation, days of the week, months of the year, colors, numbers and operations, times tables, word families, word blends, and number formation through minimally designed, easy-to-use card sets. Incorporate these resources into your learning in open-ended ways for years to come!
  • Adventure Awaits Activity Pack (3-8): Includes poems, writing practice, and mazes about adventuring in the mountains and the forest!

Hatching Curiosity @HatchingCuriosity

  • Bug Cards and Sorting Labels ( elementary age): Discover backyard bugs and their characteristics. What do they eat? How do they get around? Do they live in groups? How are they classified? Learn and play with these cute cards that act as a field guide or print two sets and play memory games together to practice what you've learned.
  • Insect Anatomy Poster (elementary age): Discover insects and their anatomy at a glance.
  • Backyard Bug Scavenger Hunt (elementary age): Go on a scavenger hunt for backyard bugs!
  • Ladybug Symmetry Mat (preschool): Make symmetrical patterns and count chocolate chips on the ladybug mat.
  • Ant & Spider Playdough Mat (preschool): Discover the anatomy of insects and arachnids with a fun playdough mat.

Hearth Magic @myhearthmagic

  • Saint George and the Dragon Puppet Set (4-8): retell the classic picture book with sweet puppets, based on the characters in St. George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges and Trina Schart Hyman. 
  • Back to Asgard Game (8-12): Become a larger-than-life Norse God or Goddess and race against Ragnarock (the end of the world) as you battle monsters, solve riddles, and depend on the luck of the dice to make it back to Asgard. 
  • Norse Mythology Unit (8-12): Delve into the chaotic and exciting world of the Norse Myths and the adventures of the Vikings. This unit study guides you through the tales of Norse mythology with lesson plans, tutorials, and beautiful photographs and examples to guide you as you create alongside your children. In this unit, you will read and recreate the Norse Myths in verse, art, and performance, Build an enormous Yggdrassil and model the gods and creatures of the Norse Pantheon, create Viking artifacts, learn the geography of the world of the Vikings, learn about runes and create your own stones and carrying pouch, make a Viking tunic and embroider it with cross stitch, practice Celtic and Norse knots, and more!

Hearthroom Press @HearthroomPress

  • Let’s Go Birding: A Hide and Seek Game by Hearthroom Press (all ages): Each game includes 10 birds that should be printed 'on both sides, flipped on short edge.' These can be laminated and cut out, then the players take turns hiding the birds and finding them. Game includes a check-off list with birds named. 
  • Memory Match for Birders (all ages): A matching game for bird lovers of all ages.

Heritage Letter @heritageletter

  • Grand Canyon Adventure Letter + Unit Study (all ages): Learn all about the Grand Canyon, and pair this unit with the John Wesley Powell Heritage Letter and Unit Study!
  • John Wesley Powell Heritage Letter + Unit Study (all ages): Learn all about the Grand Canyon and John Wesley Powell, the man who put it on the map, with this letter + unit study pack.

Hollow and Hoot @HollowandHoot

  • Finding Your Way: A guide to Not Getting Lost (5-100): Finding Your Way teaches multiple ways to navigate using the natural world around us, featuring useful crafts that relate to every section of the guide in a simple yet informative way, suitable for all ages to learn together.

Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy

  • The 50 States Research Journal (3-14): This 50 States Research Journal is a great resource to study U.S. geography. 
  • States and State Capitals Flashcards (all ages): This set of flashcards includes both watercolor and minimalist maps of all the 50 States and State Capitals
  • The 50 States Flash Cards (3-14): The 50 States fact cards with relevant facts of each of the 50 States.

In the Forest We Go @IntheForestWeGo

  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Adventure (5-9): An in-depth look at some of the park wildlife and their place in the ecosystem.

Lyfe in the Twenties @lyfe_at_home

  • Treasure Island Family Read-Along (3-12): Our Treasure Island Family Read-Along is the perfect activity pack to keep hands and minds occupied while your family reads Treasure Island! With playdough mats, reading trackers, games, word searches, memory games, and a Lapbook add-on pack, this is sure to have something for everyone!

Messy Beautiful Fun @DebbieJeanMcMullen

  • My Nature Stories (ages 5-12) :Kids are given prompts on each page that encourage them to get outside and observe nature. Prompts encourage learners to use their imagination and think about the lives of the nature around them.
  • "Dans ma valise il y a" (ages 5-12+): a French-language learning game in which learners will memorize clothing vocabulary words. The game is played round-robin as students keep adding things to the list of what is in their suitcase - includes vocabulary cards and writing sheets.
  • "Des phrases folles”  (for all French learners): Silly Sentences in French" Students mix and match the picture cards using nouns and verbs to form simple - but very silly! - sentences. Includes recording sheet where learners can draw and copy their sentence.
  • "Dans mon panier de pique-nique il y a..." (ages 5-12+): A French-language learning game in which students will practice French food vocabulary words using a fun game. Players can be 1, 2, or even a whole class. Includes vocabulary cards and writing sheets.

Modern Imagination Toys @ModernImaginationToys

  • Black Bear Preschool Pack (preschool age): 50 pages of preschool and kindergarten black bear themed activities, sorting, tracing, colouring, cutting, I Spy, spelling, counting, writing, phonics, CVC words, and everything you need to know about what black bears eat in summer and the fall to keep yourself safe while exploring in nature.
  • Black Bear Body Language Cards

Mornings Together @MorningsTogether

  • Cardboard Castle Playset (4-10): create your own castle with a cardboard box and this fun printable! Includes a knight, princess, and dragon - just add a little imagination!
  • Dino Alphabet Giant Coloring Poster (all ages): print this poster up to 36"x48" for hours of coloring fun! Hand illustrated dinosaurs from A-Z.
  • Dino Math Pack (2-8): counting, graphing and patterns with cute hand-illustrated dinosaur illustrations. Engaging activities included for your little learners, including a shadow match, count and clip cards (1-20), even/odd number sort, and more!

Nestling Cove @Nestling_Cove

  • French Hiking Unit (4-9): Help Orson the bear get ready for a hike in the woods. Follow along with packing his "sac a dos". Use the cutout puppets and supplies to act out the story. Use the three-part language cards to practice using French vocabulary, once you are comfortable try playing a game in French with the picture tiles.
  • French Movement Dice (all ages): Roll the die and practice your actions in French!

Tacuco @TacucoKids

  • Camping Activity Bundle (3-6): This fun and educational Camping printable activity pack is perfect for homeschool or Montessori preschoolers! It includes: counting and matching puzzles, numbers and calendar activities, coloring pages, dominoes, flashcards, a journal template, a memory game, number cards, threading cards, tic-tac-toe, and more. Some of these activities are great for developing fine motor skills and coordination in little kids aged 3 - 6 years old. Plus, they'll learn all about camping with this fun camping theme!

Teach Your Child Piano @teachyourchildpiano

  • Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint Saens (3-9): This bundle will help pre-school and primary school aged kids adventure through Camille Saint Saens’ most beloved composition the Carnival of the Animals, through a plethora of activities. Includes coloring pages, history of music, composer bio, music analysis, and more!
  • Solar System Symphony (3-9): This bundle will help pre-school and primary school aged kids adventure through the Solar System and gain exposure to some of the most famous compositions inspired by our Solar System. Includes coloring pages, history of music, composer bio, basic science, music analysis, and more.
  • Piano Keyboard Adventures (4-17): This bundle will help kids 4 years and up to find their way around the piano keyboard. Includes exclusive access to the companion online piano course (a $99 value!).

The Art Kit @TheArtKit

  • Picnic Learning Pack (3-12): The Art Kit’s picnic learning pack includes several math and language arts activities to make learning fun!
  • Picnic 3-Part Cards 

The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_

  • Vintage Fungi Illustrations (all ages): A collection of vintage fungi illustrations from the public domain curated, formatted, and ready to enjoy in a wide variety of ways.
  • Vintage Fungi Matching Game (all ages): A memory match game with stunning and sweet mushroom illustrations.

The Thinking Tree LLC @sarah_janisse_brown

  • *EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE* Thirty Fun-Schooling Projects - Homeschooling Co-op Handbook (all ages): This book guides you through the process of starting a Fun-Schooling Co-op or Planning a Project Party! This Handbook includes 170 pages of Fun! You can try these projects at home with family, friends or co-op members!

Wanderlings Forest School @wanderlings_forest_school

  • Forest Bugs Memory Game (3-6): A fun matching game. Can you find the forest bug pairs?
  • Frogs vs. Toads Matching (3-6): Learn the differences between frogs and toads. Our amphibian comparison can aid in the knowledge and appreciation of animals you may find while exploring!
  • Anatomy and Life Cycle of a Dandelion (3-6): Examine dandelions and learn to appreciate the smaller organisms you may stumble upon.

Whimsy Printables @WhimsyPrintables

  • Moth Study Unit (4-10): Moth-themed activities and cards full of fun learning and educational value! 
  • Moth Matching Tile Game (all ages): Moth matching with triangular tiles for the whole family to enjoy.

Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah

  • Camille Saint Saëns Pack (3-9): Learn about the life of the composer Camille Saint Saëns and his most famous composition “The Carnival of the Animals”.

Willow & Owl @TheWillowAndOwl

  • Mayflower & Pilgrims Activity Pack (4-14): An activity pack for any Mayflower & Pilgrim Unit Study. Includes handcrafts, cooking, and fun worksheets.

Wild Feather Edu @WildFeatherEdu

  • Amelia Earhart Pack (3-14): Explore the life and adventures of the famous female pilot, Amelia Earhart.
  • Food Groups Mini Pack (3-14): Learn about the foods that keep us nourished each day, write your own recipes, and eat a rainbow.
  • Foraging Journal (all ages): A beautiful journal of your own to track your outdoor foraging adventures and learn about the flora around you.

Tackle Box Montessori @tackleboxmontessori

  • Travel & Adventure Montessori Activity Bundle (3-9): Explore Methods of Travel by Land, Water & Air: 3-part cards, timeline cards and basic skills activities.

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The Harbor and Sprout community spans the globe and embraces families from many diverse backgrounds and belief systems. Our curated bundles do not include religious or faith-based material, nor do they impede families' option to add their own religious studies. Our bundles would best be described as neutral or non-sectarian. We encourage you to use your discretion and choose what you feel is best for your family in all ways!

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You have the option to add on the all-new Exclusive Harbor + Sprout Essentials pack and Thirty Creative Fun-Schooling Projects Handbook by The Thinking Tree! With your bundle purchase, you can add the Essentials Pack AND Thinking Tree Handbook downloads for $20 (valued at over $80!) or only the Essentials Pack for $10. 

The Harbor + Sprout Essentials Pack features 15 essential early learning activities and resources to help practice the building blocks of education. This set includes open-ended resources to practice concepts of literacy, phonics, numeracy, sight words, writing and letter formation, days of the week, months of the year, colors, numbers and operations, times tables, word families, word blends, and number formation through minimally designed, easy-to-use card sets. Incorporate these resources into your learning in open-ended ways for years to come! This pack is valued at $35, but with your bundle purchase, you can snag it for just an additional $10!

Thirty Creative Fun-Schooling Projects Handbook includes 170 pages of project fun! Perfect for use at home, with friends, or with your co-op! 

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