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Whole Child Collection

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The Whole Child Collection

a Brilliant Bungalow Bundle

A carefully curated bundle of digital resources by 35 small shops designed to honor and celebrate your children and lead them along the path of connection, self-expression, and discovery! Valued at over $600, yours for $25 for a limited time only. Hurry- after the sale, these products will only be available for purchase from each shop individually at full price!

The Whole Child Collection

$25 for a limited time only! The Whole Child Collection contains over $600 worth of stunning digital resources by over 30 top creators, bundled just for you into one easy-to-use package. Plus, add the exclusive Whole Child Collection edition of the Weathering My Emotions Journal by Promptly Journals (pictured below) in digital form for just $10! Hurry- after the sale, these products will only be available for purchase from each shop individually at full price!

Featuring Exclusive Upgrade Item

The Whole Child Collection edition of the Weathering My Emotions Journal by Promptly Journals

About the Collection

The Whole Child Collection was created by a group of 30+ authors and artists to inspire, honor, and celebrate all the wonderful pieces that make up human beings. The products inside were carefully designed to offer strategies and techniques for thriving in an ever-changing world. Enjoy the journey as you explore new and old methods of self expression and mindfulness, learn alongside your children, and connect head, hands, heart, and health as you honor the whole child!

Shops and Contributions

2 Paper Sisters @2.Paper.Sisters

*BESTSELLER* Calm Kids Poster & Cards (0-10)

30 Affirmation Cards (All Ages, But Geared for 15 +)

Elementary Lunchbox Affirmation Notes (5-12)

Teen/Tween Lunchbox Affirmation Notes (12-18)

Preschool Lunchbox Affirmation Notes (2-6)

Positive Affirmation/Feelings Journals (2 Versions: 4-8 and 8+)

Family Conversation Deck/Family Game Night (All Ages)


A Handful of Blessings @AHandfulOfBlessings

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Child’s Collection of Favorite Recipes/Memory Book (One book for 2-5, another for 6-12, and alternative options for ages 13+)


A Home Grown Love @A.Home.Grown.Love

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Food is For Us (2-6)


Branch Out World @Belzibow

Picture Book Explorers- Dogs Don’t Do Ballet (5-10)

Let’s Explore Healthy Living Unit Study with Lapbook (5-7)

*NEW* All About Me Lapbook (All Ages)


Calme Kids Co @CalmeKidsKids

Inspirational Gallery Wall Prints (5-11)

Kids Mindfulness Cards Bundle (5-11)

Older Kids and Teens Mindfulness Cards Bundle (11-16)


Crafts Fun and Learning @CraftsFunandLearning

Food Sorting Game (2-14)

Human Body Flashcards (2-14)

*NEW AND UNLISTED* Human Body Learning Pack (2-14)

Food Groups Sorting Game (2-14)

Doctor’s Office Pretend Kit (2-14)

Homestyle Diner Pretend Kit (2-14)


Gabitat Emporium @GabitatEmporium

*NEW* Chakra Meditation Cards (4-14)

*NEW* Emotional Intelligence (4-14)

*NEW* Connect with Herbs (4-14)

*NEW* Ikigai Cards (4-14)

*NEW* Intention and Affirmation Cards (4-14)

*NEW* Yoga Cards (4-14)

*NEW* Inside My Body (4-14)


Growing Gardenside @Growing_Gardenside

*NEW* Storybook Rhythms: Let’s Learn About Drums (3-9)


Hearth Magic @MyHearthMagic

Feelings Journal (4-10)


Homeschool Mastery Academy @HomeschoolMasteryAcademy

My Family Printable Pack (4-12)


Hudson Academy of Curiosity @Hudson_Academy

*UNLISTED* Self Affirmation Bundle (5-10)

Emotions Matching (2-5)

Jack-O-Lantern Emotions (2-5)


Messy Beautiful Fun @debbiejeanmcmullen

Busy Folder Bundle (2-6)


Monkinya @Monkinya

Mindful Corner/Calm Down Kit (5-12)

Yoga for Kids (5-12)


Montessori Factory @Montessori_Factory

Yoga Poses Poster (All Ages)

Affirmations Poster (All Ages)

Emotions Poster (All Ages)

Color Mixing Poster (All Ages)

Color Wheel Cards (All Ages)


Montessori & Multilingual @Montessori.Multilingual

*NEW* Dance Expression from Around the World: Multicultural Brain Breaks (All Ages)


Mornings Together @MorningsTogether

Emotions Bundle (3-7)


O’s Fun Planet @OsFunPlanet

*NEW* Calming Corner Printables (5-9)

*NEW* Calming Flashcards (5-9)

*NEW* Gratitude for Kids (5-9)


Playingtots @PlayingTots

Editable Chore Chart (5+)

Editable Phone Number Practice Activity (5+)

Body Organs Matching Activity (5+)

Brain Anatomy Matching Activity (5+)

Birthday Activity (3+)

Body Parts Activity Pack in Spanish (3+)


Promptly Journals @PromptlyJournals

*EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE ITEM* The Whole Child Collection edition of the Weathering My Emotions Journal (All Ages) in Printable Form (Print this document in landscape orientation for best results!)


Raising Little Fox @RaisingLittleFox

Kindness and Etiquette Unit (4-10)

Label the Body Parts Unit (4-10)


Redefining Default LLC @RedefiningDefault

*NEW* Goal Setting and Planning Exercises (3-14)

*NEW* Structured Brainstorming Exercise (3-14)

*NEW* Documentation Templates for Projects & Science Experiments, Life Experiences, Personal Growth Experiences, and Research & Source Evaluation (3-14)


RFTS Preschool @RFTSPreschool

*NEW AND EXCLUSIVE* Marvelous Me! (3-6)


So Simple a Beginning @SoSimpleABeginning

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Poetry Pack (3-8)

Cloud Count and Clip Cards (3-6)

Friendship Cards (All Ages)


Tacklebox Montessori @TackleboxMontessori

Attitudes, Behaviors, and Social Etiquette- Montessori Activity Bundle (3-9)


The Art Kit @TheArtKit

*NEW* All About Me Journal (5-12)


The Brilliant Bungalow @BrilliantBungalow

All About Me Unit (4-9)

Human Body Unit (4-9)


The Everyday Planner @TheEverydayPlanner_

*NEW* The Five Senses Learning and Activity Bundle (3-10)

*NEW* Feelings Learning and Activity Bundle (3-10)


This Growing Life @ThisGrowingLife

I Am, I Can, I Will- Alphabet Affirmation Cards (2-10)


Tiny Acorn Atelier @JLeeJarrin

Daily Rhythm Cards (All Ages)

Four Elements Matching Activity (All Ages)

Earth, Air, Water, Fire Collection (All ages)

Magical Child Alphabet Deck (All Ages)

*All products are Waldorf-Inspired


Wainbough Co. @WainboughCo

Life Skills Activity Bundle (4-12)

Positive Affirmations Poster (4-12)

*NEW* Positive Affirmations Writing Prompts (4-12)

*NEW* Guided Meditation Flash Cards (4-12)

You Are Important Poster (4-12)

I Can Do This (Goals Writing Activity) (4-12)

Gratitude Meditation Flash Cards (4-12)


Wild Feather Edu @WildFeatherEdu

Human Body Collection (7-11)

Positive Quote Cards (All Ages)


Wildflowers @WildflowersBySarah

Henri Matisse Art Unit Study (3-12)

Love + Kindness Activity Learning Pack (3-12)

Elements of Art Study (3-12)


Willow & Owl @WillowAndOwlToys

*NEW* Tea Time and Friendship Bundle (8-15)

Topics and What's Inside 

The Whole Child Collection covers a wide range of topics for all ages including:


Yoga, mindfulness, affirmations, brainstorming, calming techniques


Emotions, gratitude, weather, goals, self expression, reflection


Kindness, friendship, etiquette, actions, life skills, art, dance, music


Anatomy, five senses, food, recipes

The Whole Child

All About Me, families, poetry, journaling, daily rhythms

Inside, you'll find:



Journals and Writing Prompts

Introspective Activities

Mindfulness Exercises

Conversation Starters

Friendship and Kindness Activities

Emotional Awareness Resources

Expression through Dance and Music


Calming Techniques

Gratitude Exercises

Goal Setting

Brainstorming Exercises

Personal Growth Activities


Tea Time Guides




All About Me

Friendship and Kindness



Life Rhythms

Social Skills

Five Senses


And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are these resources intended for?

This bundle has content suitable for all ages, with may products geared toward children ages 2-15. Each resource has an age recommendation listed next to its title. From yoga cards to journals to affirmations, there is something inside for everyone!

Are the resources secular, or is religious content included?

The Whole Child Collection is a secular resource bundle with uplifting resources for all!

Have any of these resources been included in The Brilliant Bungalow’s previous bundles?

All of the resources in this bundle are being featured for the first time in a collaborative project. Additionally, many shops have included exclusive products that are only available with this bundle, or brand new products that are being released for the first time here! *There is one card set that appeared in our STEM + Art bundle included as a supplement to a new resource for convenience.

How can I best print and utilize these resources?

We suggest saving the files, familiarizing yourself with what’s inside, and printing as you go on an as-needed basis. The material inside will last you years! If you’re in the market for a good printer, we recommend a laser or Ecotank printer.

Why are bundles so great?

Bundles are a wonderful way to stock up on resources without using lots of physical space. Simply save to your computer and dig in at will. Plan units around resources or print off something fun and different on a day you need something easy and new!

Can my classroom or co-op group use this bundle?

Absolutely! If you are an instructor, you are welcome to purchase the bundle and use the resources for your class. However, please do not share or distribute the files with parents. If you’d like everyone in the class to own the bundle, please send each family the link to purchase a copy of their own!

Will this bundle be available again after the sale ends on March 15?

Once the sale ends, individual products can be purchased from each shop at full price. Many of the individual items are valued at the same price as the full bundle, so take advantage!

Will I receive anything in the mail?

This is a digital product and will be delivered via email in the form of a secure download link upon purchase. Once you download the bundle, save it to your computer or an external drive to keep and use forever!

Will my download link expire?

Your link will not expire, and you will have 10 attempts to fully download the product. If you are unable to successfully download with those 10 tries, please reach out and we will help!

A Peek at What's Inside

Mornings Together

Emotions Bundle Ages 3-7

A Home Grown Love

Food is For Us Ages 2-6

O's Fun Planet

Calming Corner Ages 5-9

The Everyday Planner

Feelings Learning and Activity Bundle Ages 3-10


Colors in Me Chakra Activity Ages 5-12


Elements of Art Study Ages 3-12

Montessori Factory

Emotions Poster All Ages

Promptly Journals

Weathering My Emotions Journal (Upgrade Item) All Ages

The Everyday Planner

Five Senses Learning and Activity Bundle Ages 3-10

2 Paper Sisters

Calm Kids Poster and Cards Ages 0-10

Messy Beautiful Fun

Busy Folders Pack Ages 2-6

Gabitat Emporium

Chakra Meditation Cards Ages 4+

A Handful of Blessings

Collection of Recipes/Memory Book  All Ages

Gabitat Emporium

Intention and Affirmation Cards Ages 4-14

Wainbough Co.

You are Important Poster All Ages

Wild Feather Edu

Human Body Collection Ages 7-11

Montessori and Multilingual

Positive Affirmation Cards All Ages

Growing Gardenside

Storybook Rhythms: Let's Learn About Drums Ages 3-9

Tiny Acorn Atelier

Earth, Air, Water, Fire Collection All Ages

Crafts Fun and Learning

Human Body Learning Pack Ages 2-14

Raising Little Fox

Label the Body Parts Unit Ages 4-10

Wild Feather Edu

Positive Quotes Cards All Ages

So Simple A Beginning

Cloud Count and Clip Cards Ages 3-6

Branch Out World

All About Me Lapbook All Ages

The Brilliant Bungalow

Human Body Unit Ages 4-9

Hudson Academy of Curiosity

Self Affirmation Bundle Ages 5-10

Calme Kids Co

Kids Inspirational Gallery Wall Prints Ages 5-11


Brain Anatomy Matching Activity Ages 5+

Willow and Owl

Tea Time and Friendship Bundle Ages 8-15

homeschool Mastery Academy

My Family Printable Pack Ages 4-11

The Art Kit

All About Me Journal Ages 5-12

Redefining Default

Goal Setting and Planning Exercises Ages 4-14

RFTS Preschool

Marvelous Me! Ages 3-6