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Astronomy Nature Study


These lessons are included in our Astronomy Unit Study.

Discover Astronomy in this in-depth, engaging nature study by Jacqueline Marr of Books and Willows. This study includes four modules:

Module 1: Star Gazing Guide

  • Discover the celestial sphere and how stars move through the sky each night.
  • Learn tips for stargazing with your family.
  • Make a planisphere to help you spot constellations.
  • Celebrate the movement of the stars with your new star spinner. 
  • Extend your learning with a study on Armillary Spheres.

Module 2: Moon Phases

  • Learn about the moon phases, lunar eclipses, and solar eclipses.
  • Explore the different features of the moon's surface.
  • Make a moon phases calendar and track its changes in your journal.
  • Check out the moon's changing face with a flip book activity.
  • Extend your learning by creating your own moon landscape art.

Module 3: Cosmic Scavenger Hunt

  • Apply what you've learned about tracking constellations and the moon.
  • Discover how to spot planets, galaxies, and even the International Space Station!
  • Create a Night Sky Journal and earn badges for objects you find.
  • Celebrate what you've learned with a night sky mobile.

Module 4: Nature Tool Spotlight- Telescope

  • Learn how light travels in a refractor and a reflector telescope.
  • Be introduced to the Hubble and James Webb Space telescopes.
  • Experiment with lenses to make objects appear closer.
  • Study the amazing images captured by Hubble's cameras and recreate your favorite.

This study may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your adventures in space!