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Aviation Language Arts & Writing


These lessons are included in our Aviation Unit Study.

Discover language and writing through the lens of aviation with this in-depth, engaging guide by Amber of So Simple a Beginning. This study includes four Language Arts modules, four Writing modules, Spelling and Vocabulary, and additional resources for language exploration:

Language Arts Module 1: High Flight

  • Explore the poem 'High Flight'
  • Enjoy a new poetry teatime recipe
  • Examine new vocabulary words
  • Discuss the poem and consider your feelings about it
  • Reenact the poem with stick puppets
  • Narrate the poem
  • Dive deeper and fly higher as you work through a guided analysis of the poem
  • Delve into the feeling of flying
  • Fill in the S is for Spitfire page with nature objects or sky-themed loose parts
  • Practice writing in print and cursive, or copying the poem on blank lines

Language Arts Module 2: Prepositions

  • Examine the function of prepositions and learn to identify one in a sentence
  • Watch a prepositions video
  • Study posters of prepositions of place and movement, then pretend you are a plan and fly as directed by the prepositions
  • Play with prepositions on a sky mat
  • Identify prepositions in practice sentences. Can you identify the prepositional phrase for each?

Language Arts Module 3: Aviation Alphabet

  • Learn the code words of the Aviation Alphabet
  • Watch a video for a brief overview of the aviation alphabet
  • Read through the Aviation Alphabet poster and cards, then spell your name with the Aviation Alphabet
  • Play a Broken Telephone game
  • Play Aviation Alphabet Bingo
  • Write an aviation-themed story using the words from the Aviation Alphabet

Language Arts Module 4: Icons and Symbols

  • Learn to distinguish between a symbol and an icon
  • Watch a video about semiotics
  • Explore airport signs
  • Play aviation pictionary
  • Hunt for signs
  • Create a sign of your very own

Guided Writing Project: Learn about and practice travel writing as you follow along with writing templates and prompts.

  • Module 1: Plan your writing- learn the basics, make a plan, and complete background research
  • Module 2: Travel Outline- Explore your destination, make notes, and outline your writing
  • Module 3: Travel Draft- write your first draft
  • Module 4: Revise, proofread, and rewrite

Additional Language Arts Materials:

  • Aviation vocabulary
  • Aviation spelling practice
  • Spelling cards
  • Spelling strip puzzles
  • Word family spelling cards
  • Spelling activity cards and ideas
  • Word searches
  • Copywork
  • Writing prompts

These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of language and writing through aviation!

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