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Beekeeping Art


Discover art through the lens of beekeeping in this in-depth, engaging guide by Whitney Bangel of Hollow and Hoot! This buzzing beekeeping art study includes four Art Modules exploring different artists and their popular works. Additionally, your little learners may experience art for themselves through hands-on learning with provided activities.

Module 1: "Hexagonal Patterns"

  • Meet trained painter "Anton Jansa"
  • Decorate your own hives
  • Enjoy a hands-on bubblewrap stamping project
  • Learn about the honeycomb shape
  • Make your own paper honeycomb
  • Create a honeycomb hexagon out of clay
  • Create beekeeping themed string art
  • Learn about why bees are striped
  • Decorate a honeycomb page 

Module 2: "Tactile Process Art"

  • Learn about native beekeeping
  • Clay nature building activity
  • Learn about the honeybee life cycle
  • Make a paper mâché model of the bees life cycle
  • Meet "Roberto Benavider"
  • Learn about tactile art
  • Make your own tactile art
  • Make a tactile coloring page

Module 3: "Exploring Batik"

  • Learn about the art style "batik"
  • Meat artist "Chua Thean Teng"
  • Color your own hive
  • Create a faux batik painting
  • Learn about the different colors of bees
  • Color your own bees
  • Create your own cloth bee batik 

Module 4: "Mixed Media Collages"

  • Meet author "Eric Carle"
  • Make your own flower collage
  • Learn about the art style "collage"
  • Create your own recycled sculpture
  • Create a flower petal mandala
  • Learn the history of mandalas
  • Create your own mixed-media self portrait


These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of art through beekeeping!

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