Harbor and Sprout

Botany History


These lessons are included in our Botany Unit Study.

Discover history through the lens of botany in this in-depth, engaging guide by Stephanie Groves of The Everyday Planner! This blooming botany study includes four modules, as well as plenty of hands on crafts for your little learners to explore history through:

Module 1: "Botany"

  • Learn the meaning of botany
  • Study figures involved in the history of botany
  • Study historical figure flashcards
  • Plant investigation activity

 Module 2: "Theophrastus + Carl Linnaeus

  • Meet Theophrastus
  • Complete historical figure report
  • Theophrastus quote tracing
  • Meet Carl Linnaeus
  • Complete historical figure report
  • Linnaeus quote tracing

Module 3: "George Washington Carver + Agnes Arber"

  • Meet Carver
  • Carver historical figure report
  • Carver quote tracing
  • Meet Arber
  • Arber historical figure report
  • Arber quote tracing
  • Color illustrations

Module 4: "Greenhouses"

  • Learn the history of greenhouses
  • Milk jug greenhouse experiment
  • Plant log

These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of history through botany!