Harbor and Sprout

Engineering Art


These lessons are included in our Engineering Unit Study.

Discover art through the lens of engineering in this in-depth, engaging guide by Stephanie Groves of The Everyday Planner! This study includes four Art Modules exploring different artists and their popular works. Additionally, your little learners may experience art for themselves through hands-on learning with provided activities.

 Module 1: "Art Elements"

  • Learn about color theory - where science meets art
  • Learn about the color grey and how to make it
  • Reflect on a few paintings
  • Create an art piece using the color grey
  • G is for Grey tracing activity and cut-outs

Module 2: "Technique"

  • Learn about moving art
  • Create your own whirly-bird using the whirly-bird templates
  • Write down your whirly-bird observations

Module 3: "Principles of Art + Composition"

  • Henri Matisse quote tracing
  • Learn the seven principles of art
  • Create your own artwork using one of the seven principles of art
  • "The Great Wave" coloring page

Module 4: "Paper Engineers"

  • Meet Matthew Reinhart
  • Matthew Reinhart quote tracing
  • Create your own masterpiece with movement
  • Paper engineering brainstorm
  • Outer space cut-outs
  • Draw your own pop-up book
  • Design your own paper-engineered alphabet

 These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of art through engineering!