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Engineering History


These lessons are included in our Engineering Unit Study. 

Discover history through the lens of engineering in this in-depth, engaging guide by Stephanie Groves of The Everyday Planner! This study includes four modules, as well as plenty of hands on crafts for your little learners to explore history through:

Module 1: "Early Engineering in Rome"

  • Learn about Roman engineering in 312 B.C.
  • Learn about Roman Aqueducts
  • Complete historical event report
  • Color the Roman Aqueduct picture
  • Build your own aqueduct project
  • Solve the maze
  • Study historical flashcards

Module 2: "The Steam Engine"

  • Learn about the history and invention of the Steam Engine
  • Study the steam engine timeline
  • Meet engineer Elijah McCoy
  • Complete historical figure report
  • Study steam locomotive diagram
  • Fill in the blanks steam locomotive diagram
  • Complete train car sketches
  • What's in Your Boxcar? activity
  • If You Had a Train Q&A

Module 3: "The Automobile + Developing Ideas"

  • Learn about the 1800s automobile and its history
  • Meet female inventors in automotive history
  • Complete historical figure report
  • Study the automobile diagram
  • Fill in the blank automobile diagram
  • Footprint race car activity
  • Color the automobiles

Module 4: "The Brooklyn Bridge"

  • Learn about the Brooklyn Bridge and its history
  • Complete historical event report
  • 21 Elephants activity
  • Creative writing exercise
  • Complete Brooklyn Bridge puzzle
  • Color the Brooklyn Bridge 

These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of history through engineering!

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