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Exploration Language Arts & Writing


These lessons are included in our Exploration Unit Study

Discover language arts and writing through the lens of exploration in this in-depth, engaging Language Arts by Amber of So Simple a Beginning and Writing by Sarah Wise. Find adventure within this study, which includes four Language Arts modules and four Writing modules:

Language Arts Module 1: "Exploring Woods"

  • Complete -ap word family activity
  • Complete explorer vocabulary activity
  • Explore your vocabulary 
  • Complete spelling practice
  • Complete word activity
  • Research your favorite explorer word
  • Quote tracing activity

Language Arts Module 2: "The Road Not Taken"

  • Read narrative poem
  • Complete word definition activity
  • Rhyming activity
  • Draw a picture to express the poem
  • Summarize the poem
  • Poetry study activity
  • Coloring pages
  • Complete writing practices

Language Arts Module 3: "Rhyme Scheme"

  • Find the rhyme
  • Map the rhyme

Language Arts Module 4: "Field Linguists"

  • Watch video on learning undocumented languages
  • Learn about universal words
  • Swadesh list
  • Universal charades
  • Linguist activity
  • Coloring pages

 Writing Module 1: "Adventure Journal"

  • Choose an adventurer!
  • Complete adventure research
  • Personal adventure journaling
  • Optional journal prompt #1

Writing Module 2: "Adventure Poem"

  • Write your own adventure poem
  • Learn about types of poems
  • Complete poetry practice
  • Complete haiku practice
  • Complete acrostic poem practice
  • Complete free verse poem practice
  • Add journal prompt #2, poems, and/or illustrations to your adventure journal

Writing Module 3: "Adventure Letter"

  • Learn about formatting 
  • Write an adventure letter
  • Add journal prompt #3, your letter, and/or illustrations to your adventure journal 

Writing Module 4: "Adventure Story"

  • Learn about parts of a story
  • Write your own adventure story
  • Add journal prompt #4, your story, and/or illustrations to your adventure journal 

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