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These lessons are included in our Exploration Unit Study

Discover science through the lens of exploration in this in-depth, engaging guide by Rebecca Reed of In the Forest We Go! In typical Harbor + Sprout fashion, Exploration music is equipped with beautifully crafted activities to make learning more enjoyable for your little ones. This study includes four fun music modules exploring different aspects of music.

Module 1: "What is an artificial reef?"

  • Learn about coral reefs
  • Color and tracing activity
  • Complete biological survey
  • Coral life cycle wheel
  • Experiment: How does CO2 affect water PH?

Module 2: "What is density?"

  • Learn about density
  • Learn the science behind floating and/or sinking
  • Color and tracing activity
  • Anatomy of a Greek trireme
  • STEM Challenge: Float or sink?

Module 3: "What is buoyancy?"

  • Learn about buoyancy
  • Learn about diving
  • Learn about water pressure
  • Color and tracing activity
  • Labeling Scuba Equipment Activity
  • Matching Scuba Equipment Activity
  • Project: Cartesian Diver

Module 4: "Marine Archaeology"

  • Discover the science behind marine archaeology
  • Learn about the marine archaeological process
  • Meet Jacques Cousteau - famous oceanographer
  • Create Your Own Story activity
  • Marine Archaeological Site Activity

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