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Homesteading and Sustainable Living Language Arts & Writing


These lessons are included in our Homesteading and Sustainable Living Unit Study.

Discover language and writing through the lens of homesteading and sustainable living in this in-depth, engaging Language Arts guide by Amber of So Simple a Beginning and Writing lessons by Sarah Wise. This study includes four Language Arts modules and four Writing modules:

Language Arts Module 1: Homesteading Words

  • Learn how to speak like a homesteader with new homesteading words!
  • Work with the -and word family
  • Discover new homesteading vocabulary and explore the new words
  • Practice spelling words from your vocabulary list
  • Use woodcut letters for hands-on spelling practice
  • Make a home and family craft with woodcut letters and twine
  • Play a heads-up homesteader game
  • Explore the etymology of your favorite homesteading word
  • Write a "once upon a homesteader" story

Language Arts Module 2: Peter Rabbit

  • Learn about and enjoy The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • Take your time looking at the illustrations of Beatrix Potter
  • Enjoy a literature tea time with Peter Rabbit in the garden
  • Make your own Peter Puppet
  • Summarize the story in your own words and/or art
  • Answer questions about the story with comprehension cards
  • Dig deeper into the story with guided story study questions
  • Practice writing with copywork pages and G is for Garden activity

Language Arts Module 3: Word Order

  • Discover why our words need to be in a certain order to make sense
  • Explore subject-verb-object
  • Assemble and unscramble chalkboard sentence puzzles
  • Enjoy chalkboard homestead play with pictures and a paper chalkboard
  • Label the subject, verb, and object of your chalkboard pieces
  • Find mistakes hidden in a passage with a "Harvest Time" activity

Language Arts Module 4: Acrostic Poetry

  • Discover acrostic poetry and try writing your own
  • Enjoy the poem "Acrostic" by Lewis Carroll
  • Watch a video about how to write acrostic poetry
  • Build an acrostic poem of your own using cutapart pieces
  • Write an acrostic poem that describes your family

Writing Lessons: Procedural Writing

Writing Module 1: How to Give Directions

  • Learn about how to give directions
  • Play a directional word game
  • Help direct Greta to the eggs with directional words
  • Give directions to various locations around town with a map
  • Create and direct an obstacle course

Writing Module 2: How to Complete a Task

  • Explore how to write the procedure of a task
  • Learn about transitional words
  • Fix the order of instructions in a procedure
  • Complete a do, make, be chart
  • Write your own "how to" and teach someone how to complete a task

Writing Module 3: How to Make Something

  • Learn how to explain how to make something
  • Discover the importance and function of visual aids
  • Practice creating visual aids
  • Write your own "how to" and teach someone how to make something
  • Draw a visual aid for your "how to"

Writing Module 4: How to Be

  • Write about how to be something, such as a good friend or how to develop a skill
  • Research your topic
  • Practice writing "how to be" in different given situations
  • Write your own "how to" and instruct someone how to be
  • Draw your own "how to be" picture

These lessons may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and the files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy your exploration of language and writing through homesteading and sustainable living!

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