Homeschool Curriculum Organization Tips and Tricks

Homeschool Curriculum Organization Tips and Tricks

Mar 28, 2022Danielle Hansen

Curriculum organization is one of the hottest topics in the homeschool community. Between books, notebooks, binders, assignments, manipulatives, and often all of these items and more multiplied for siblings, there is no end to the constant shuffle of frequently-used resources that a homeschool family needs to keep easily accessible. We've compiled some of our very favorite organization tips, tricks, and resources, plus some Harbor + Sprout specific ideas to help you on your way to spending less time shuffling paper and more time experiencing the wonderful world of learning! 



You've printed your unit- so now what? You'll need a few basic supplies to help manage the paper and use it well. We have our favorite paper prepping, binding, and organization supplies linked in our Amazon Storefront, but let's discuss a few we use most frequently.

  • A hole puncher: three ring binders are one of the most simple ways to assemble units into student and teacher copies. Be sure to get a good hole punch that can handle a large load. We love this one!
  • Another frequent recommendation from our Facebook community is planner discs- either name brand or a generic brand. These make for a simple yet effective way to hold your packets or books together and add or remove pages as needed.
  • A paper cutter will be essential for preparing loose parts and flash cards. We love this style.
  • You may prefer a more classic spiral binding (those metal coils sure are dreamy). We have our favorite binding tools listed here.
  • Wondering how we achieve those pretty rounded corners in our product photos? Corner rounder punches are one of our best kept secrets!
  • If you're looking for a workaround for all those tiny pieces that need to be cut out, a set of circle punches may be just the thing for you.
  • A laminator will do wonders for all those items you'd like to reuse and keep durable.



Once your notebooks or binders are assembled, you'll need a good storage system that also allows for easy access. Here are a few of our favorites:

However you choose to organize your homeschool supplies, be sure to keep function, versatility, and accessibility at the forefront of your mind. Secondhand stores or Facebook marketplace can be wonderful resources for great deals on storage solutions. You could even turn it into a learning project and build your own shelving systems with your children for your family to use for years to come!

These are a few of our favorite resources and ideas, but the H+S community is a wealth of knowledge as a hive mind. We learn from you every day! Come join in the conversation in our Facebook Chat Group for more ideas and discussion about how families are staying organized with Harbor + Sprout!

Ready to try Harbor + Sprout units out for yourself? Be sure to download our free sample week and experience the adventures ahead! 


 -The Harbor + Sprout Team

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