harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources
harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources


Harbor + Sprout was created from a need felt by mothers who wanted an enriching, engaging life of learning both for and alongside their children.

If we had it our way, we would be professional students (and as homeschoolers, we can be!). We are the people who never stop learning and asking questions and we wanted our children to discover the inherent joy of learning. When we couldn't find the springboard we were seeking in a curruciulum, we took matters into our own hands and began the journey of bringing our vision to life through Harbor + Sprout.

Energy, however limited as a mother's tends to be, naturally follows our interests, and Harbor + Sprout was born of a million conversations and late night research sessions and brainstorm sessions. Our children and their education are forever on our minds and that passion has fueled every step of this project from day one.

The name Harbor + Sprout fits what we do here like a glove. Our children spend their years with us discovering the world within the safe harbor of home as they sprout into the bright, capable individuals they are meant to be.

Can you relate? Stick around. You belong here.