Harbor and Sprout

Letter Baskets


Learn the alphabet at a gentle, friendly pace with our sweet and playful Letter Baskets! Letter Baskets feature the morning basket style you know and love with an alphabet twist.

There is one Letter Basket for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, each featuring a phonetically correct animal. You have the option to purchase the letters individually or bundled together at a discount. Sign up for our Early Learning Simple Subscription to get a credit for one new letter each month! Be sure to get the starter pack even if you're purchasing one at a time; this sweet set will help you track your journey through the alphabet! 

The Starter Pack includes an alphabet poster with each letter basket animal represented, a blackboard alphabet poster, letter discs to practice spelling, and a chart with letter cutouts to help you track your progress through the alphabet!

Each Letter Basket includes the following:

  • Letter flag
  • A variety of alphabet flashcards
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt
  • Tracing card
  • Poem
  • Poem writing page
  • Building sight words activity
  • Circle the letter
  • Lacing card 
  • Letter sheet
  • Playdough mat
  • Q-tip painting
  • Upper and lower case sorting 
  • Tracing sheets
  • Prompted drawing
  • Letter Tangram puzzle
  • Loose parts card
  • Chalkboard alphabet letter
  • Rainbow writing
  • Craft letters (upper and lower case)
  • Coloring sheets

Download a free sample here!

This is a digital product. Letter baskets are delivered as a digital download through a secure email link upon purchase. Each letter basket was made with love by Beck, our Morning Basket creator.