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Experience learning in all new ways with Harbor + Sprout! Here's what you'll find in our ever-growing curriculum and resource library.

Primary Level Unit Studies

Our Primary Level Unit Studies are a print-optional, open-and-go unit study style with a focus on notebooking and activities with each lesson. These units are designed to guide learners aged 6-12 on an in-depth exploration that will not only provide a thorough study of the subject at hand, but will also involve students in the process through immersive, experiential learning opportunities. Consistent, gentle, and easy-to-follow structure encourages internalization and personal connection with each module. Primary Level Unit Studies are available in both digital and physical print formats.

Our primary level unit studies feature a consistent module layout throughout. The reading, notebooking, and activities are intended to be completed to each child's skill level and with as much or as little adult guidance as you see fit.

The reading portion of each module can be completed independently or with help from an adult. You may take one day or more to complete the reading. Remember to look up unfamiliar words and feel free to conduct further research on anything you have questions about.

Children who are in the early stages of writing may complete their notebooking prompts in pictures or words, while skilled writers may write full paragraphs and more complex entries that require further research.

Module activities may be completed with varying levels of parental support or independence as needed.

Be sure to add our Primary Level Workbooks for each unit study with complementary activities to accompany you along the way. Our Primary Level Unit Studies are meant to grow organically alongside your family!

What age group are primary level unit studies intended for?

Our goal with Primary Level Unit Studies was to create a simplified curriculum option for families who need something that is open-and-go. These unit studies are delivered digitally or in print and may be used ebook-style alongside a notebook of your own choosing, or you may print the unit and use it in hard copy form. The unit is non-consumable, meaning that you will not need to write on or cut anything out of the pages.  Optional printable notebooking pages are provided, or you may enjoy utilizing the Harbor + Sprout Primary Companion Notebook.

Accompanying workbooks with complementary activities for each module are available for each unit. These workbooks make a wonderful companion for your studies and help tie each unit study together for a robust learning experience.

How do Primary Level Unit Studies work?

Each Primary Level Unit Study includes approximately 20 modules. Modules may be completed over the course of a few days or at the pace that works best for your family. Each module is composed of 3 parts:

Information- This is the reading portion of the module. The reading can be completed independently or with help from an adult. You may take one day or more to complete the reading. Remember to look up unfamiliar words and feel free to conduct further research on anything you have questions about.

Notebooking- In the notebooking section of each module, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your reading in a way that is unique to you. Children who are in the early stages of writing may complete their notebooking prompts in pictures or words, while skilled writers may write full paragraphs and more complex entries that require further research.

You may use the notebooking pages provided at the end of this unit study, or you may opt for a notebook of your own. As you closely consider and write about what you've learned, you will further your understanding of the subject and make personal connections with the information. Notebooking is an inherent source of writing and language arts study in this unit.

Activities- Each module contains a selection of activities and hands-on learning experiences to choose from. These activities span the range of learning styles and are meant to be completed at whatever pace feels most comfortable to you. We encourage you to both select activities that are most in tune with your preferred method of learning and take advantage of opportunities to expand your skills and try new things. Earlier learners will need more support from an adult, whereas older children may complete their activities with more independence.

At the end of the unit modules, you will find a selection of printable notebooking pages to use and the unit appendix. The appendix includes a book list of complementary titles, a vocabulary/spelling list, additional links to supplementary material, a set of flash cards, and any other useful additions we have found along the way.

As you work through your unit studies from the Harbor + Sprout library, we encourage you to continue to develop independence while making memories and learning alongside your family or classroom. Be sure to include plenty of books alongside all your studies.

Primary Level Workbooks contain complementary activities for each of the modules in their respective Primary Level Unit Studies. They are intended for elementary-aged students to use in tandem with the unit study to enhance learning. These workbooks are consumable and while they are not required to complete the unit studies, they make excellent companions to your exploration through each module.

At the beginning of each unit study, you will find a brief overview of each module as well as a list of subjects/applications addressed in the module. Writing and language arts are also inherently woven into the whole unit through notebooking. Additional applications include science, nature study, language arts, writing, history, geography, art, music, math concepts, and life skills.

What subjects are covered in each unit study?

Be sure to download free samples of our Botany and Visual Arts Primary Level Unit Studies to get an idea for the layout of our lessons and the type of content you can expect.

Peek Inside Our Primary Level Unit Studies

Patchwork Studies

Formerly our original line of bunde-style themed Elementary Units, Harbor + Sprout Patchwork Studies are our original, well-loved unit study style and created for children aged 3-12. Each lesson is family-style and allows for each of your children to complete the same lessons in different ways specifically tailored to their needs. 4 distinct levels of learning are outlined in the handbook of the unit along with ideas for how you can simplify or expand upon lessons for each child as you see fit. Units are delivered as digital downloads to allow you to save, keep, print, and use for your own family or classroom's use for years to come. Discover the joy of "kitchen table learning" as you all experience the joy of learning- together! Patchwork Studies are available in digital format only.

As Harbor + Sprout has grown and evolved, we have discovered so much about the needs of our audience and the way our resources are used in homes all over the world. We continually reevaluate the way we present materials to make sure we are hitting the mark the best we can  with our nature-adoring, unit study-loving, somewhat eclectic homeschooling community. We believe that children of all ages (and us adults, too) need unbridled time and space to explore, consider, ruminate, and get lost in their schooling in a good way without the push of “getting through the lessons” or sticking to rigid timelines. There is so much learning in slowing down and taking time for discovery.

Since the very beginning of H+S, we have released our Patchwork Studies, formerly Elementary Level Units. They have undergone minor changes and adjustments, but have remained relatively consistent. Even so, we have continued to see the need to simplify without compromising or removing content or value from the studies. In an effort to give you more breathing room as you experience our Elementary Units, we have updated the structure of these bundle-style units moving forward to allow your family more freedom to utilize them in your own way and at your own pace, in a way that makes the most sense for YOU.

We are currently undergoing the gradual process of updating and cleaning up past units. Some units will be temporarily unavailable as we refresh them. Some sections and lessons will be replaced with fresh material. Broken QR codes will be updated and fixed. If you already own the unit, you will have access to the updated version once it's ready.

Here's what's different:

  • Rather than being presented as "week 1, 2, 3, 4", lessons will be presented as "lesson 1, 2, 3, 4" in order to remove the burden of completing work in a specific timeline.
  • The leveled lesson grid will be eliminated in lieu of general instruction as to how you can adjust any lesson to better suit the needs of each learning level. Your child may fall into different levels for different subjects, and there is one version of each lesson meant to be used by all levels. As such, we are here with inspiration for how you can simplify or expand lessons as needed.
  • Subtle changes and updates in the handbook.
  • Overall design and branding has been updated for a cleaner feel.

Here's what's the same:

  • Overall content will not change. 36 high-quality lessons of each core subject will continue to be included- four for each subject-, including science, nature study, language arts, writing, history, geography, music, art, and math, as well as a substantial supplemental section.
  • Book list, character kit, unit recipe, and all the pieces you know and love will remain.

We hope this update makes our beloved Patchwork Studies even more conducive to your family's needs. We are looking forward to giving each unit the tuneup it deserves so that families can continue to use these studies for many years to come!

Inside the handbook of each unit, you'll find four detailed, distinct learning levels described:

Explorers are learning to observe the world around them through simple, foundational activities, that foster learning, curiosity, and communication.

Investigators are beginning to dig a little deeper through activities that encourage them to ask questions and find answers as they continue to build understanding of fundamental skills.

Adventurers are able to read and write independently. As they continue to learn, they are encouraged to ask questions and engage in activities that lead them to read and research to find answers on their own. They are practicing writing thorough thoughts in clear, structured sentences and paragraphs.

Discoverers are beginning to take ownership of their education through activities that require them to read, write, and analyze independently. They are practicing writing more formally structured essays and reports and deepending their understanding of the topics they are studying.

There are not four different versions of each lesson; rather, you will find suggestions and ideas in the handbook to help you consider how you may simplify or expand lessons to make material conducive to your child's learning level at varying stages in their education. Here's an example of how the same lesson is used in different ways:

For a geography map activity, the Explorer colors the map, the Investigator finds and traces labels, the Adventurer labels the map independently, and the Discoverer does a one-page report on a chosen country. Everyone does the same base activity with versatile guided applications!

Your child may be at a different level for different subjects or activites, and that's ok! You get to tailor it to exactly what they need and take the liberty to help them learn in a way that makes sense for them.

Levels of Learning

Patchwork Studies were originally presented in a monthly format with 2 lessons per day, 5 days a week. However, in practice, the amount of time each study takes varies greatly by family. In addition, the eclectic style of each study lends itself to a bit of variance from unit to unit.

Each study comes with a different assortment of material and you are free to 1- choose what you'd like to do and 2- take extra time following unexpected trails as you dive into your lessons. As such, we will gradually be removing the "weekly" verbiage from each of these beloved studies to further allow your family the freedom to take your own pace.

Here are a few scenarios to consider:

  • You may find that you utilize only certain subjects in each unit. This is ok! Choose what you'd like to use and save the rest on your computer for if you decide to come back to it.
  • Perhaps you want to do every project and activity in one of the subjects (there are SO MANY to choose from). Great! You may find yourself immersed in one science or nature study lesson for multiple days. Enjoy it! Soak it in fully and move on when you're ready.
  • Your family may have a 3-4 day school week, or work your schedule around co-ops or other activities. As such, your pace with your Patchwork Studies will be slower.
  • Perhaps your family keeps a rigorous pace and works through a full study over the course of a month. If this is the pace that works for you, then that is the right pace for YOUR family.

You may find it helpful to ask other families for ideas about how they like to pace their studies by searching or asking on our Facebook group here.

Remember that there is no requirement to complete your lessons in a specific amount of time. As these Patchwork Units are non-linear in nature, you may complete the lessons in any order and at any pace. Above all, enjoy the learning journey!

Harbor + Sprout creates eclectic unit studies inspired by our favorite aspects of many learning and teaching styles all blended together. There are elements that would be considered Reggio, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori, and Unschooling, but nothing is specifically designed to fit any one style. It is a free-flowing, immersive curriculum that allows for natural, deep-level learning, adaptable to the needs of each unique child. It can function beautifully as a stand-alone or be used as a supplement to other curricula your family uses. Harbor + Sprout is the best of all worlds.

What Style is this Curriculum?

A handbook which includes instructions for how to use this study, printing helps, table of contents, planning pages, an extensive book list of complementary (but not required) titles, an explanation of our leveled learning system, lesson overviews, a unit recipe, and a hand-illustrated Character Kit with original art by Stephanie Groves for each unit

4 Science lessons

4 Nature Study lessons

4 Language Arts lessons

4 Writing lessons

4 History lessons

4 Geography lessons

4 Music lessons

4 Art lessons

4 Math lessons

An extensive supplemental section including:

Nature activities with a focus on open-ended early learning

Wellness/Quiet time activities and ideas

A bilingual element

Every lesson also includes an idea for a craft, activity, or tactile application, and/or some kind of writing or further research opportunity. These lessons are engaging learning at its finest and each unit is full of activities, content, and memories waiting to be made.

What's Included in Each Unit

*New Patchwork Study Sample coming soon!* Be sure to download our free sample pack to get an idea for the layout of our lessons and the type of content you can expect.

Peek Inside Our Units

Secondary Level Unit Studies

Secondary Level Unit Studies are print-optional, open-and-go unit studies for ages 12-18. These units feature project-based learning, notebooking and creative writing, and immersive learning at its finest. Secondary Level Unit Studies are available in both digital PDF and physical print formats.

Our secondary level unit studies focus on project-based learning and notebooking for an experiential learning approach. Each module is designed to take the learner on a journey to discover a facet of the theme with a specific set of academic subject applications. With information, notebooking prompts, and projects, activities, and experiments that appeal to a wide range of learning styles, these unit studies can be tailored to bring learning to life in whatever way your student needs. These unit studies can be used in digital ebook form with a notebook of your own or printed and used as physical books. Explore our library of secondary level unit studies and discover how they might breathe life into your schooling.

About Secondary Level Unit Studies

Download free samples of our Botany and Visual Arts Secondary Level Unit Studies to learn more about the content, structure, and layout.

Printed Curriculum

Have your curriculum delivered straight to your door

The following curriculum and resources are available to be ordered in print:

  • Primary Level Unit Studies
  • Primary Level Workbooks to accompany each unit study
  • Secondary Level Unit Studies
  • Primary and Secondary Level Companion Notebooks

In order to keep printed materials as cost effective as possible, we are not able to discount physical copies. Subscription credits and Curio memberships are applicable to digital curriculum only and cannot be used on print materials.

Yes! The digital PDF is available as a separate purchase if you'd like to have access to print extra pages of the files. Due to the overhead costs associated with printing, we are unable to discount prints even if you already own the digital version.

Printed curriculum is available for shipping worldwide. Duties and customs fees may apply depending on were you live. We love to see families learning and growing with H+S all over the globe!

All book-style open-and-go curriculum is available for purchase in print. This includes Primary Level Unit Studies and Workbooks, Secondary Level Unit Studies, and Companion Notebooks.

Logistically, we are unable to offer bundle-style curriculum in print. Patchwork Studies are intended to be printed in a way that is unique to the needs of each family, with many pages not needing to be printed and lots of loose parts and cutting. Morning Baskets and Letter Baskets are intended to be printed and organized on an individual basis in a way that makes sense for you. All of our curriculum options are high caliber and well-loved; it is up to you to decide which style best suits your family!

Print curriculum is not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds.

In an effort to keep print curriculum as cost effective as possible, we are unable to discount physical copies. Even if you already own the digital version, the cost of physical curriculum remains as listed. Digital PDF and physical hard copy purchases of the same unit study are considered separate purchases of separate products.

Early Learning Morning Baskets + Letter Baskets

Our themed printable early learning basket sets are designed for children ages 2-6. These packs can be used in tandem with their corresponding units, used as a gentle alphabet curriculum, or enjoyed independently. Morning Baskets and Letter Baskets are available in digital format only.

A morning basket is essentially a collection of books, activities, and resources that is used to enrich your children's learning. Use morning basket time to come together, press in and reconnect, share, and spend time with the precious ones in your life.

The time you spend together with your Morning Basket can differ dpending on the ages and stages of your children. With younger children, it can be as little as 5-10 minutes. With older children, time spent with books, poems, handicrafts, and other activities can turn into hours. Our Morning Basket packs are specifically aimed at preschool aged children, but you are free to add resources for older children as you'd like.

What will you need to create a morning basket? First, find yourself a basket, box, or container of some sort to place it all in. Activities in your Morning Basket may include books that follow your children's passions and interests, coloring sheets, art supplies such as colored pencils and crayons, puzzles, playdough, threading activities, small world figures, handicrafts, natural objects like pebbles, twigs, shells, or pinecones, games, poetry collections, and more.

Our themed Morning Basket activities are full of fun, hands-on learning activities geared towards 2-6 year olds, but can be incorporated for older children too! These invitations to learn are also excellent for keeping younger children busy while their older siblings are working on other school activities.

What is a Morning Basket?

Learn the alphabet at a gentle, friendly pace with our sweet and playful Letter Baskets! Letter Baskets feature the morning basket style you know and love with an alphabet twist.

There is one Letter Basket for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, each featuring a phonetically correct animal. You have the option to purchase the letters individually or bundled together at a discount. Sign up for our Early Learning Simple Subscription to get a credit for one new letter each month! Be sure to get the starter pack even if you're purchasing one at a time; this sweet set will help you track your journey through the alphabet! 

Each Letter Basket includes the following:

  • Letter flag
  • Alphabet flashcards
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt
  • Tracing card
  • Poem
  • Poem writing page
  • Building sight words activity
  • Circle the letter
  • Lacing card 
  • Letter sheet
  • Playdough mat
  • Q-tip painting
  • Upper and lower case sort
  • Tracing sheets
  • Prompted drawing
  • Letter Tangram puzzle
  • Loose parts card
  • Chalkboard alphabet letter
  • Rainbow writing
  • Craft letters
  • Coloring sheets

Download a free sample here!

Each letter basket was made with love by Beck, our Morning Basket creator.

What is a Letter Basket?

Simple Subscriptions

The simplest, most convenient way to get your homeschool curriculum and H+S favorites for an enriching homeschool at a great price.

Simple Subscriptions are a clear-cut way to get exactly what you need every month at a discount. With simple subscriptions, your choices truly are as simple and straightforward as can be so that you can use your energy on making memories and learning with your students! You sign up for the Simple Subscription of your choice and receive a credit specific to your chosen subscription each month.

With each subscription plan, you also have the option to adjust your subscription frequency to every other month or every three months. You may do this when you sign up initially or at any point in the life of your subscription through your subscription portal in your customer account.

Subscription credits are applicable to digital product only and do not apply to printed curriculum.

You have three options to choose from:

Unit Study Simple Subscription ($25/month): The Unit Study Simple Subscription applies to any unit study including Patchwork Studies, Primary Level Unit Studies, and Secondary Level Unit Studies. Each month, you select a new unit study to add to your collection. 

  • Non-subscriber value: $30 each
  • Subscriber price: $25 a month

Early Learning Simple Subscription ($10/month): The Early Learning Simple Subscription applies to Morning Baskets and Letter Baskets. Each month, you select a new letter basket or morning basket to add to your collection. 

  • Non-subscriber value: $12 each
  • Subscriber price: $10 a month

Unit Study + Early Learning Combo Simple Subscription ($34/month): The Early Learning + Unit Study Combo Simple Subscription gives you a credit for one early learning basket and one unit study of your choice each month. 

  • Non-subscriber value: $42/month
  • Subscriber price: $34/month

With each subscription plan, you also have the option to adjust your subscription frequency to every other month or every three months. You may do this when you sign up initially or at any point in the life of your subscription through your subscription portal in your customer account.

Subscription credits are applicable to digital product only and do not apply to printed curriculum.

What are my Simple Subscription options?

Educator Experience

Explore what a life of learning the Harbor + Sprout way looks for parents, teachers, and educators.

When it comes to time, you get to make the decisions. Lessons can last as long or as short as you and your children need them to. There is no timeline when it comes to "getting through lessons" or working through unit studies; begin when you begin and finish when you are done. The freedom to school at the pace that suits you best is one of the very best things about Harbor + Sprout.

Preparation time and educator involvement will depend greatly on a number of factors.

Firstly, which resources are you utilizing? For some of our product lines, heavier preparation work and parental involvement is required. Elementary units take planning and execution. Other types of unit studies, such as Primary Level Units and Secondary Level Units, can be done with quite a lot of independence by students with checkpoints as needed throughout the learning process. Many units are also able to be utilized digitally or printed once and used as non-consumable books alongside a notebook of your own. This greatly minimizes the preparation required to begin a new unit study and to complete daily learning.

Next, what are the ages and need levels of your students? By nature, younger learners will need more direction and guidance in their schooling. Most lessons for little ones are best done side by side. As students get older, greater independence is possible and even encouraged. Your students may do reading and other assignments alone and check in for assistance as needed. Older and more independent students may complete their work with full independence. The goal of our curriculum is for students to grow in ability to complete their studies in a personal way that fosters internalization of the material. Harbor + Sprout grows with your family in a gradual, natural way.

Finally, how hands-on would you like to be? As with everything at Harbor + Sprout, there is so much opportunity for customization based on the needs and desires of your individual family. You may choose to keep lessons short for your littlest learners and then let them play independently with loose parts after learning is done. Perhaps you complete lesson reading with your elementary-aged learners, or maybe you prefer to assign the reading and ask your child to summarize. The choice is yours. Even if your high school students can complete their lessons independently, you may find yourself wanting to join in on the learning with them! We are fully supportive of an enriching life of learning here at Harbor + Sprout. Pull up a chair and learn together, or complete your own notebooking and project assignments in tandem with your child.

Harbor + Sprout is the result of parents who found ourselves frustrated by the lack of adaptable curriculum that not only provided endless enrichment for our children, but allowed for us to tailor that learning to our unique and ever-changing needs. We wanted to introduce a curriculum into the homeschool world that resonated with eclectic and voracious learners of all ages that went far beyond checking off daily boxes. With Harbor + Sprout, you can expect to find engaging, immersive education at every turn. Our curriculum is different on purpose; it was designed to work for YOU in the way your family learns best.

Additional Resources

Whether you're looking for a way to bring the excitement of learning into your days or need a core curriculum, we offer a wide variety of open-ended learning resources to suit the needs of your family.

We are big fans of nature and hands-on learning around here, and our nature handicraft ebooks are well-loved among our community. These ebooks feature stunning nature-themed craft tutorials to engage creators of all ages.

Nature Handicraft Ebooks

Create your own shops, galleries, farm stands, and more. Our dramatic playsets are creative and open-ended play at its finest!

Dramatic Playsets

Explore open-ended nature journaling curriculum for inquisitive minds of all ages. Create your own mixed-media field guide as you discover the natural world around you!

Curio Nature Society

Discover our ever-growing library of journals, essentials, and more.

Harbor + Sprout Curio Membership

Become a member and save up to 50% on all your H+S curriculum. Plus, enjoy access the Curio Member Library for free!

Our membership is an excellent way to save on your curriculum and to access exclusive members-only content. Curio Nature Society nature journaling curriculum is also included with all membership tiers. Learn more about our membership and what comes with it.

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