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Nature Handicraft Ebook Vol. 1: A Year of Nature Handicrafts


Welcome to Nature Handicraft Ebook Vol. 1: A Year of Nature Handicrafts! Inside this ebook, you will find a curated collection of 70 unique, creative nature handicraft tutorials and projects to enjoy working on all year long.  

Featuring the work of 14 skilled creators across the globe, these handicraft projects are intended to foster creativity and connection with nature.

This book can be used digitally or printed and bound, with the option to either trace or print template pages. Each image in the table of contents is linked to its respective handicraft page for simple digital navigation.

We encourage you to pick and choose the crafts that look most intriguing to you, utilize supplies and natural treasures you have on hand when possible, and above all, enjoy the process. Let the crafting begin!

This ebook will be delivered as a digitally downloadable file upon purchase. This is the first volume of our series of quarterly Nature Handicraft Ebooks. Keep an eye out for future issues!

About the Ebook

Frequently Asked Questions

We are honored to be collaborating with 14 talented nature handicraft experts to bring you this ebook. These creators have presented their work with stunning imagery and step-by-step instructions to guide your process. Follow along with them on Instagram! Our contributors include:

Alyssa | @playful.petals

Amanda | @thestayathometoddler

Anna | @earth_and_sky_play

Elizabeth | @preschoolforyou

Erika | @montessori.multilingual

Jacqueline | @booksandwillows

Mariane | @explore_play

Marlon | @oceanchildcrafts

Melanie | @monstamoons

Nicky | @littlies_and_me

Rachel | @visionsofplay

Wendy | @ohhappyplayday

Whitney | @hollowandhoot

This collection of nature handicrafts is for everyone! Young and old, the projects included in this ebook are meant to be enjoyed by creators of all ages.

Many of the handicrafts included in this ebook can be done using only nature materials you can find on a nature walk or other recycled materials. Others use simple materials you likely keep on hand in addition to nature materials. Each of the handicrafts in this book includes a supply list so you can make sure you're prepared for the project.