harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources
harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Harbor + Sprout

Harbor and Sprout is breathing life and wonder into homeschools across the globe. Here's what you can expect from our curriculum:

Convenient and Easy to Use

Harbor and Sprout is thorough and comprehensive without being complicated. Each of our units is neatly laid out and organized to help schooling be full of connection, memories, and learning. Leave the lesson planning to us!

Accessible and Affordable

High quality, organized, and comprehensive homeschool materials should be available to and enjoyed by all. Harbor + Sprout provides all the joy of learning in an approachable way and at a price point that fits your family’s budget, all bundled into convenient unit studies for all ages.

Gentle Structure and Organization

We have taken great care to develop a framework that provides the perfect mix of structure and freedom to make it your own. We will provide all the tools and plans, and you get to choose the best way to use them for your family's needs.

Family-Style Learning

Teaching multiple children at different levels of learning is no small feat! We have created a curriculum that is conducive to your whole family's learning, with easy-to-follow, engaging lessons designed to fit the needs of all your students.

Engaging and Beautifully Designed

The resources in Harbor + Sprout are high quality and creative, filled with nature, and designed to engage your children and kindle curiosity. We have reimagined the way classic subjects are taught to help bring learning to life. From our primary level unit studies to elementary units to secondary level unit studies to early learning baskets and beyond, Harbor + Sprout has something for everyone.

Everything You Need in One Place

With our ever-growing library of curriculum, unit studies, nature guides, and more, Harbor + Sprout is your one stop shop for all your learning adventures. Mix and match and choose what works best for your family!

Experience the joy of kitchen table schooling! Our library offers multiple curriculum options and each unit study fits a wide range of educational needs and ages all at once. Unit studies are developed in such a way that the activities therein may be completed with varying levels of independence, meeting you and your children where you are. Harbor and Sprout will allow you and your children to truly experience what it is to learn (together!).

Harbor and Sprout is an eclectic unit study curriculum, inspired by our favorite aspects of many styles. There are elements in each of our various offerings that would be considered Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio, or Charlotte Mason, but nothing is especially catered to a set style. Our goal is to bring you a free-flowing curriculum that allows for fluidity and deeper level learning, adaptable to each child’s learning needs. Our unit studies and curriculum options can function beautifully as stand-alone curriculum or as supplemental learning material to additional curricula of choice. It’s the best of all worlds.

The Harbor and Sprout community spans the globe and embraces families from many diverse backgrounds and belief systems. Our curriculum does not include religious or faith-based material, nor does it impede families’ option to add their own religious studies. Our stance would be best described as neutral or non-sectarian.

Our science units will approach matters of Earth’s origins from a scientific perspective, while being respectful of all belief systems. Families are encouraged to fill in the gaps or expand on material as they see fit.

Dates will be presented in terms of Common Era.

We encourage you to form your own personal opinions about whether any educational material you utilize with your families is a good fit.

We have taken great care to make sure that this curriculum represents our worldwide client base. It is our goal to make sure all of our resources are applicable to your life and family. The Harbor + Sprout community spans the globe and we are here to join you wherever you are!

It is a top priority for us to actively seek rich diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, and culture. You will find book recommendations, writing excerpts, poetry, historical figures, and other materials and activities to be representative of our wide world view as we all grow and learn together.

We do allow for using these resources for a class that you are personally teaching; however, the files may not be distributed to families or other teachers. If you are teaching a co-op class, you may print copies for your students. If you’d like each of your students to have access to all the files, please direct them to where they can each purchase a copy! If you'd like to inquire about group rates in which files may be shared, please contact us here.

Primary Level Unit Studies began rolling out in July 2023. They are print-optional and feature a consistent module style for each lesson, including reading, notebooking prompts, and activity options. Click here to download a free sample of Botany Primary. Click here to download a free sample of Visual Arts Primary.

Patchwork Studies are our original unit study style that was first introduced in July of 2021. These units are more eclectic in style and require printing. Click here to download a free sample.

Both of these unit study styles are well-loved among our community. While there will be a Primary Unit Study and and Elementary Unit for each unit theme, the structure, content, information, and experiences within the units is quite different. You may find some overlap in information covered (for example, both Botany units discuss plant anatomy); however, the information is presented in very different ways and with different applications. Completing both options will yield different experiences and both are high in value.

We recommend downloading the free samples of each unit study style to help you decipher which is right for you.

We are always hard at work developing enriching curriculum for your family. Click the button to see what's coming to the H+S library!

Each unit study of all levels includes a recommended reading list. The books on the reading list are meant to guide you to a wide variety of high quality literature options each month that pair well with the unit theme, but none of the specific books are required to complete your lessons. We highly suggest utilizing you library or online lending service to acquire books in a budget friendly way. And always remember- as long as you're reading, you're set!

Timing will vary widely by family and style. The amount of time this takes depends greatly on how in depth you choose to take your learning. Harbor + Sprout is thorough, comprehensive, and approachable in terms of content and volume. We encourage you to find a pace that feels organic for your family's needs and work through your unit studies in a way that resonates with you. You may arrange your day in whatever way makes sense for your family!

Primary and Secondary Level Unit Studies are now available for purchase in print format. If you opt for digital, these unit studies may be used as digital ebooks alongside a notebook of your own if you'd like to bypass printing.

All of our unit study styles have been formatted for double-sided printing with instructions for how to utilize your printer's features and settings to print on both sides. We also have information on how to print on various page sizes. Curriculum is presented in US Letter size and we have provided instructions on printing on A4 size paper. 

We have a number of printers listed here on our Amazon storefront if you are looking to invest in a printer and print at will, as needed. To order printing, we recommend price matching across a your local print shop, Barnes and Noble Press, or another independent print company such as Lulu.com, Family Nest Printing, The Homeschool Printing Company, or Watson Family Press. For printing in Canada, Homeschool Print and Prep is an excellent option.