Harbor and Sprout

FREE Sample Lessons- Full Set


Explore the general layout of Harbor + Sprout with our free sample lessons! Inside, you'll find selected lessons from our units to give you an idea of one week of lessons for each subject. Included is one lesson from each of our 9 core subjects (Science, Nature Study, Language Arts, Writing, History, Geography, Music, Art, and Math), plus a character kit, a handbook, lesson plans, a booklist, and a sample supplement section to help you experience a selection of lessons from our units. 

Each of our units includes 4 lessons per subject for a total of 36 lessons, plus an extensive supplement section. Included in this sample pack is one lesson from each subject, originating from various units. This pack contains the following selections:

  • Science: Forestry Unit Lesson 1
  • Nature Study: Astronomy Unit Lesson 1
  • Language Arts: Chemistry Unit Lesson 2
  • Writing: Aviation Unit Lesson 1
  • History: Oceanography Unit Lesson 3
  • Geography: Tropical Ecology Unit Lesson 1
  • Music: Forensic Science Unit Lesson 1
  • Art: Beekeeping Unit Lesson 3
  • Math: Geology Unit Lesson 3
  • Supplement: Aviation Unit
  • Handbook: Beekeeping Unit
  • Character Kit: Engineering Unit

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This sample will be delivered digitally via email upon checkout as a PDF.