Musings on Back to School- Danielle Hansen

Musings on Back to School- Danielle Hansen

Aug 10, 2022Danielle Hansen

I went to a traditional public school for my whole life. For the most part, I liked school. I was happy there! My decision to homeschool was largely based on the aspects of school I loved. Projects! Books! Writing! But with homeschool, we also get to add in all of the things I loved outside of school. Nature! Autonomy! Reading just becauseI LIVE for those things, and quickly realized that as a mother, these are the ways my children and I connect best. For us, homeschool is the best of both worlds! 

One thing I always loved was back to school season. Something about a new start, a blank notebook, and a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils felt like absolute magic. This was my MOMENT. As the child who always loved playing house and school, homeschooling has allowed for me to share this magic with my own kids. Because, after all, aren't we all still children at heart brought to life through curiosity and wonder?

If you've seen our family's homeschool snippets through instagram, you'll know that I am not an overly aesthetic homeschool mom. My setups are bare bones and the table explodes with paper and scissors and colored pencils almost instantly. But OH are we alive when we learn together! These engaging, sweet moments during the formative years when we lose ourselves in stories, outside adventures, lessons, experiments, and projects will become the memories that imprint on us all forever. When we look back on these young years, the details may be hazy, but the overall tone will be one of togetherness and being alive in learning and working, following our days wherever our curiosity leads us, with the soundtrack of home and the sweet smell of fresh grass or autumn leaves our constant companion. 

I am so glad I'll be here for all of this, figuring it out and learning voraciously with them. It's still just as exciting for me on this end of things, and probably even more so as I get to witness the wonder through their eyes. Happy back to school season, my friends. It's going to be a wonderful year. 

XO, Danielle

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