Harbor + Sprout Oceanography Unit Available Now!

Dive into ocean adventures of all kinds with the Harbor + Sprout Oceanography Unit!

Grab your scuba gear and join us on a journey to the sea! Oceanography is loaded with engaging activities, inspiring lessons, and resources certain to cultivate curiosity and wonder in learners and nature lovers of all ages! Here's a bit of what you'll find inside our brand new unit:
  • Explore the layers of the ocean, tides, currents, ocean animals, and learn how to protect our world's oceans with Science
  • Examine seashell creatures, seaweed, tidal pools, and sea turtles with Nature Study
  • Discover ocean-themed poetry, adverbs, hyperbole, and words from the sea in Language Arts
  • Research an oceanography topic of choice and write a guided research paper as you study the sea
  • Delve into the history of ocean discoveries
  • Take a trip to Bermuda with Dylan as you discover marine life, maps, the country of Bermuda, and the world's oceans in Geography
  • Learn how we can communicate through music and experience the sounds of the ocean with Music
  • Experience the beach, the shallows, the ocean, and the deep sea through Art as you create masterpieces reminiscent of these areas of the ocean
  • Enrich your understanding of Math with data organization, skip counting practice, seashell bingo, and a coloring code game
  • Enjoy fish pattern matching, ocean dot painting, spelling cards, ocean vocabulary, word searches, land or sea sorting, ocean creature flashcards, and so much more as you enhance your learning with our extensive supplemental section
  • Enjoy a family read-aloud from a selection of oceanography-themed titles
Plus, don't forget to add your Oceanography morning basket pack by Whimsy Printables with learning invitations and activities for littlest learners!
Use these morning basket activities in tandem with your Astronomy unit as a lovely invitation to learn, or simply enjoy the morning basket independently in any way you see fit! 
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xo, The Harbor + Sprout Team