Harbor and Sprout

Exploration Morning Basket

Our themed printable morning basket sets, created by Rebecca Clarke of Whimsy Printables, are aimed at children ages 2-6 to go alongside each of our individual unit studies! These packs can be used in tandem with their corresponding units or enjoyed independently. Shop our Exploration Unit Study here.

Here's what you'll find inside the Exploration Morning Basket:
  • Flash Cards: Exploration themed flash cards with watercolor illustrations. Print two copies and use as 3-part cards!
  • Memory Match: A playful memory match game for all to enjoy
  • Count & Clip Wheel: A number clip activity where children count the number of images and clip the correct numbered peg on each section.
  • Numbers In a Row: Cut out the treasure chests and line them up in numerical order!
  • Puzzles: Two piece pirate puzzles for simple puzzle fun!
  • Cutting Activity: Snip along the dotted lines for fine motor skill practice.
  • Lacing Cards: Simple-prep lacing cards. Punch with a hole punch and lace with a shoelace, yarn, or thread.
  • Building CVC Words: Cut out each piece and practice spelling consonant-vowel-consonant words.
  • P and D Sorting Game: Practice telling the difference between the letter P and D.
  • Treasure Count: Cut out each piece for a fun recognition and counting game. Take a number circle and count and place the corresponding number of jewels in the treasure chest.
  • Pirate Ship Builder: Match the picture disks where they belong on the pirate ship.
  • Size Sorting: Sort items in order from largest to smallest.
  • Alphabet Cover Up: Place the upper-case disks on their corresponding lower-case letters on the mat.
  • Words to Build: Cut out the cards and build each word.
  • Key Match: Cut the keys apart and find each key's match!
  • Coloring Pages: Color the pages or use as blank templates and fill them with nature bits!

This morning basket is delivered as a digital, printable pack and is sure to delight and engage learners, explorers, and nature lovers of all ages!