Chemistry Activities and Links

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Islamic Golden Age Achievements:

The Science of Alchemy:

Alchemy: History of Science (Crash Course): 

What is Alchemy?:

How Alchemy Led to Modern-Day Science: 

History of Atomic Chemistry (Crash Course):

Law of Multiple Proportions:

Avogadro’s law:

The ABC’s of Gas:

Discovery of X-rays: 

Dmitri Mendeleev: Great Minds:

The Periodic Table (CrashCourse): 

Bohr’s Atomic Model:

CrashCourse Chemistry playlist: 

Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons in Atoms:

Periodic videos:

Valence electrons and ionic compounds:

Chemical reactions:

Physical vs. Chemical Change: 

Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide:

Single replacement reaction:

Types of reactions:

Organic Chemistry Playlist (CrashCourse):

What is Organic Chemistry? (CrashCourse):

How to Draw Lewis Structures:

Acid-Base Reactions: 

Functional Group Concept Explained: 

More Organic Nomenclature: 

Free Radical Reactions:

Acids and Bases:

Organic Reactions: 

Addition Reactions:

Intro to Substitution and Elimination Reactions:

Carbocations and Rearrangements (Khan Academy):

Oxidation and Reduction Reactions:

How to Create Character Chemistry:

Andy Griffith Show Clip:

Why You Should Read Vonnegut:

Kurt Vonnegut Interview: 

Vonnegut: The Shapes of Stories:

How Does Music Affect Your Brain?: 

Music’s Power Over the Brain: 

A Better Description of Resonance:

Resonance Explained: 

Resonance in Chemistry:

Resonance Explained in Simple Terms:

IR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry (CrashCourse):

The Sound of Molecules: 

NMR Spectroscopy Meets Musician: 


The Math You’ll Use in Chemistry Playlist by Melissa Maribel:

(HIGHLY RECOMMEND! She’s amazing.)

Literary devices, definitions, and examples: