Visual Arts Activities and Links

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MET Museum educational resources and art projects:

Getty Museum online exhibits, art projects, and learning materials:

Art for Kids Hub drawing tutorials:

Enamel Painting and Drawing Projects:

Art lesson library:

Jewelry, embroidery, knitting, and paper craft guide:

Arts and Crafts project ideas:

Art project ideas:

Art History Projects:

Timelines of World Art by Region:

MET Museum Timeline of Art History:

The Art Story art history timelines and artiests:

How to apply pop art in your designs:

Pop Art information and examples:

Pop Art lessons and projects from the Warhol Museum:

Pop Art information from the Museum of Modern Art:

Design your own comic strips:

Make your own language mosaics and visual poetry:

Visual poetry examples:

Literary devices, definitions, and examples:

Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay

Werner's Nomenclature of Colours by Patrick Syme

An Illustrated Field Guide to the Elements and Principles of Art + Design by Joshua Field

The Art Book by Phaidon Editors

The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia by DK

Art That Changed the World: Transformative Art Movements and the Paintings That Inspired Them by DK

Artists: Their Lives and Works by DK

Modern Art: A History from Impressionism to Today by Hans Werner Holzwarth

Art: Visual History by Robert Cumming

The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay

The Visual Arts: A History by Hugh Honour

Visual Art for the Secondary Grades by Kerrian Neu

A Visual Guide to Classical Art Theory for Drawing and Painting by Eric Mantle

Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts by Debra J. DeWitte, M. Kathryn Shields, and Ralph M. Larmann