Harbor + Sprout: A Paleontolgoy Unit
Harbor + Sprout: A Paleontolgoy Unit
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Harbor + Sprout: A Paleontolgoy Unit

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Individual purchase option for Harbor + Sprout Paleontology Unit, the October 2021 installment of our monthly curriculum subscription. Features 4 weeks for of lesson plans and materials covering all our core subjects and meant for use by children ages 3-12.



Daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages
Book list including stories, poems, and field guides with recommended ages, subject correspondence, and brief summaries for each title
Lesson plans for 4 levels of learning
Family read aloud with discussion guide and recipe
Character kit- new monthly character illustrated by Stephanie Groves


Week 1: Paleontology
Week 2: Fossil Formation
Week 3: Stratigraphic Column
Week 4: Day in the Life of a Paleontologist

Nature Study

Week 1: Isle of Skye- Scotland's Jurassic Island
Week 2: Valtos and Greylag Goose
Week 3: Elgol
Week 4: Ardnish Peninsula and Seals

Language Arts

Week 1: "The Nautilus & the Ammonite"
Week 2: Nouns
Week 3: Homophones
Week 4: Etymology


Week 1: Plan
Week 2: Research, Statement, and Outline
Week 3: First Draft
Week 4: Revise


Week 1: Let's Dig In
Week 2: Mary Anning
Week 3: Fossil Hunters
Week 4: Jurassic Jack


Week 1: Continents of the World
Week 2: Petrified Wood
Week 3: Antarctica
Week 4: Baltic Coast Amber


Week 1: Hello, John
Week 2: The Speed of Sound
Week 3: Music in their Bones
Week 4: Stomp + Romp


Week 1: Paleoart
Week 2: Art Elements
Week 3: Realism & Surrealism
Week 4: Upcycling


Week 1: Dinosaur Dominoes
Week 2: Jurassic Math
Week 3: Place Value Sliders
Week 4: Skip Counting Dot-to-Dot Puzzles


Nature Activities

Dino Coloring Pages
Dino Dough Mats
Dino Coloring Poster
Dino Word Search
Dino Coloring Poster
Dino Egg Count
Dino Three Part Cards

Wellness & Quiet Time

Dinosaur Stick Puppets
Dinosaur Counting in Spanish
Dinosaur Fossil Matching
Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Writing & Language Arts

Spelling Practice
Fossil Spelling Puzzles
Spelling Cards
Paleontology Story
Writing Process Reference Pages
Revision Practice
Coloring Pages

Each lesson comes with a lesson plan split into 4 distinct levels of learning to help you use the materials for your child's individual needs. This allows for family-style learning for ages 3-12 and years worth of connection and education!