harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources
harbor and sprout homeschool curriculum and resources

All About the Credit System

Behind the scenes of every unit, lesson, and project is a constant conversation among the team about how we can make this program work the best it possibly can for YOU. Since our launch in July, we have received helpful feedback from our valued customers that has helped us see where we can improve and make needed changes to help your experience using our curriculum be the very best it can. After months of dreaming, strategizing, brainstorming, and trial and error, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that our monthly curriculum is shifting to a credit based system!

This new structure will keep your units more easily accessible and streamline the delivery process, all while allowing you the freedom to choose your units and work through them at your own pace. These updates will take the pressure and stress out of this curriculum for you and enable you to take more ownership over your timeline to work through units and the order in which you are receiving them!

Here's what's new:

Instead of a linked unit sent out automatically by email each month, you will now receive a credit redeemable for one unit of your choosing each time your subscription is charged. This means that you will get to choose your own adventure and select from the units we have available each time you're ready to dive into a new unit!

You will also be able to pause, skip months, or cancel your subscription at any time through your subscription portal without losing your credits. This means that you may opt to receive credits monthly, only once every other month, or perhaps you will build up a bank of 6 credits and then pause to work through what you have before resuming for more credits. This will allow you the freedom to work through units in any order and at any speed you'd like, while still keeping up on new releases. 

You will have the option to add units to your wishlist in order to keep track of what units you'd like to use your monthly credits on. Keep a running list so you can find your favorites when you're ready to jump into a new unit!

Please note that credits are non-refundable. Once you have been charged for your subscription and received a credit, you keep that credit to redeem when you're ready. If you would like to stop receiving credits temporarily, simply pause your subscription or opt to skip a month. You may also cancel your subscription without penalty at any time. 

Coming soon, as a subscriber, you will have access to the units you redeem for credits through your account. You will be able to click, open, view, and download your units and files through your account on the website.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of the Harbor + Sprout community. We are constantly striving to help this experience be the best it possibly can for each of you and we are so glad you are here with us on the journey as we all learn and grow together! We can't wait for all the learning fun to come!

-The Harbor + Sprout Team

Please click here to see an example of how the credit system works!