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Experience learning in all new ways with Harbor + Sprout! Here's what you can expect from our ever-growing resource library.

Elementary Unit Studies

Harbor + Sprout Elementary Unit Studies are created for children aged 3-12. Each lesson is family-style and allows for each of your children to complete the same lessons in different ways specifically tailored to their needs. Lesson plans are divided into 4 distinct learning levels which allow you to simplify or expand upon lessons for each child as you see fit. Units are delivered as digital downloads to allow you to save, keep, print, and use for your own family or classroom's use for years to come. Discover the joy of "kitchen table learning" as you all experience the joy of learning- together!

Inside the handbook of each unit, you'll find lesson plans for all subjects broken into four distinct levels of learning:

Explorers are learning to observe the world around them through simple, foundational activities, that foster learning, curiosity, and communication.

Investigators are beginning to dig a little deeper through activities that encourage them to ask questions and find answers as they continue to build understanding of fundamental skills.

Adventurers are able to read and write independently. As they continue to learn, they are encouraged to ask questions and engage in activities that lead them to read and research to find answers on their own. They are practicing writing thorough thoughts in clear, structured sentences and paragraphs.

Discoverers are beginning to take ownership of their education through activities that require them to read, write, and analyze independently. They are practicing writing more formally structured essays and reports and deepending their understanding of the topics they are studying.

Each lesson will be complete with ideas and/or instructions to help you make the material conducive to children at varying stages in their educaiton. Here's an example of how the same lesson is used in diferent ways:

For a geography map activity, the Explorer colors the map, the Investigator finds and traces labels, the Adventurer labels the map independently, and the Discoverer does a one-page report on a chosen country. Everyone does the same base activity with versatile guided applications!

Your child may be at a different level for different subjects or activites, and that's ok! You get to tailor it to exactly what they need and take the liberty to help them learn in a way that makes sense for them.

Levels of Learning

Harbor + Sprout creates eclectic unit studies inspired by our favorite aspects of many learning and teaching styles all blended together. There are elements that would be considered Reggio, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori, and Unschooling, but nothing is specifically designed to fit any one style. It is a free-flowing, immersive curriculum that allows for natural, deep-level learning, adaptable to the needs of each unique child. It can function beautifully as a stand-alone or be used as a supplement to other curricula your family uses. Harbor + Sprout is the best of all worlds.

What Style is this Curriculum?

A handbook which includes printing helps, table of contents, planning pages (both blank and prefilled with a suggested weekly layout), an extensive book list of complementary (but not required) titles, an explanation of our levelend learning system, lesson plans, a unit recipe, and a hand-illustrated Character Kit with original art by Stephanie Groves for each unit

4 Science lessons

4 Nature Study lessons

4 Language Arts lessons

4 Writing lessons

4 History lessons

4 Geography lessons

4 Music lessons

4 Art lessons

4 Math lessons

An extensive supplemental section including:

Nature activities with a focus on open-ended early learning

Wellness/Quiet time activities and ideas

A bilingual element

Every lesson also includes an idea for a craft, activity, or tactile application, and/or some kind of writing or further research opportunity. These lessons are engaging learning at its finest and each unit is full of activities, content, and memories waiting to be made.

What's Included in Each Unit

Be sure to download our free sample pack to get an idea for the layout of our lessons and the type of content you can expect.

Peek Inside Our Units

Secondary Level Unit Studies

Check out our growing line of secondary level unit studies for ages 12-18! These units feature project-based learning, notebooking and creative writing, and immersive learning at its finest.

Our secondary level unit studies focus on project-based learning and notebooking for an experiential learning approach. Each module is designed to take the learner on a journey to discover a facet of the theme with a specific set of academic subject applications. With information, notebooking prompts, and projects, activities, and experiments that appeal to a wide range of learning styles, these unit studies can be tailored to bring learning to life in whatever way your student needs. These unit studies can be used in digital ebook form with a notebook of your own or printed and used as physical books. Explore our library of secondary level unit studies and discover how they might breathe life into your schooling.

About Secondary Level Unit Studies

Download free samples of our secondary level units to learn more about the content, structure, and layout.

Morning Baskets

Our themed printable morning basket sets, created by Rebecca Clarke of Whimsy Printables, are aimed at children ages 2-6 to go alongside each of our individual unit studies! These packs can be used in tandem with their corresponding units or enjoyed independently.

A morning basket is essentially a collection of books, activities, and resources that is used to enrich your children's learning. Use morning basket time to come together, press in and reconnect, share, and spend time with the precious ones in your life.

The time you spend together with your Morning Basket can differ dpending on the ages and stages of your children. With younger children, it can be as little as 5-10 minutes. With older children, time spent with books, poems, handicrafts, and other activities can turn into hours. Our Morning Basket packs are specifically aimed at preschool aged children, but you are free to add resources for older children as you'd like.

What will you need to create a morning basket? First, find yourself a basket, box, or container of some sort to place it all in. Activities in your Morning Basket may include books that follow your children's passions and interests, coloring sheets, art supplies such as colored pencils and crayons, puzzles, playdough, threading activities, small world figures, handicrafts, natural objects like pebbles, twigs, shells, or pinecones, games, poetry collections, and more.

Our themed Morning Basket activities are full of fun, hands-on learning activities geared towards 2-6 year olds, but can be incorporated for older children too! These invitations to learn are also excellent for keeping younger children busy while their older siblings are working on other school activities.

What is a Morning Basket?

Additional Resources

Whether you're looking for a way to bring the excitement of learning into your days or need a core curriculum, we offer a wide variety of open-ended learning resources to suit the needs of your family.

If you love specific pieces of our unit studies but want to cut out the parts you won't use, you will find that many of the individual themed subjects are available for purchase. Looking for just nature study or only history? We've got you covered.

Individual Subject Exploration

We are big fans of nature and hands-on learning around here, and our nature handicraft ebooks are well-loved among our community. These ebooks feature stunning nature-themed craft tutorials to engage creators of all ages.

Nature Handicraft Ebooks

Create your own shops, galleries, farm stands, and more. Our dramatic playsets are creative and open-ended play at its finest!

Dramatic Playsets

Explore open-ended nature journaling curriculum for inquisitive minds of all ages. Create your own mixed-media field guide as you discover the natural world around you!

Curio Nature Society

Discover our ever-growing library of journals, essentials, and more.

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