Mountaineering Activities and Links

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Regrets & Lessons for Beginning (clothing):

How to Layer for Mountaineering:

Alpine Climb Gear List:

Mountaineering Gear Check:

Workout for Mountain Climbing:

Fitness Test for Mountaineers: 

Basics of Navigational Tools:

Then & Now Navigation: 

In and Out of Navigation w/Compass:

Survival Navigation:

How to use a Clinometer:

Altimeters and Altimeter Watches:

Best Handheld GPS devices (2023):

Leave No Trace Principles:

The Dolomites:

Our Great Dividing Range:

Why Australia Has One of the Longest Mountain Ranges:

Amazing Africa: Wildlife of the Highlands:

Andes Mountains:

Climb the Majestic Rockies:

Heavenly Sound from the Snowland:

Tibetan folk (Lu): 

Tibetan Folk Songs (1974 album):

Interview with Techung:

Techung “Snow Lion of Peace”:

Literary devices, definitions, and examples: