Tropical Ecology Activities and Links

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What is biodiversity?: 

Why is biodiversity important?:

The Global Movement to Restore:

Human impacts on biodiversity:

Rainforest 101 (NatGeo): 

Why Certain Fires are Important (TedEd): 

Primary & Secondary Succession:

Ecological Succession - Amoeba Sisters:

Pioneer Species:

Human Interactions (Good and Bad):

Jane Goodall:

Dian Fossey (Nat Geo):

Gorillas in the Mist Trailer (1988):

Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka:

Dr. Gladys (International Women’s Day):

Interview with Thandiwe Muriu: 

African Prints: The story behind the style:

The Truth about African Wax Prints:

Can a Pattern Tell a Story?:

Nutrient Cycling: 

Nutrient Cycling in the Tropical Rainforest:

Literary devices, definitions, and examples: