Harbor and Sprout

Agriculture Patchwork Study


Welcome to the Harbor + Sprout Agriculture Unit Study, the May 2023 release of our original elementary-level homeschool unit study curriculum. This unit study features 4 weeks of lesson plans and materials covering all 9 of our core subjects and a playful supplemental section of thematic activities. This unit study is meant for use by children ages 3-12. 

This unit is delivered via a secure link as a digital download.



Daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages
Book list including stories, poems, and field guides with recommended ages, subject correspondence, and brief summaries for each title
Lesson plans for 4 levels of learning
Family read aloud with discussion guide and recipe
Character kit- new monthly character illustrated by Stephanie Groves to act as your guide through the unit


Week 1: Where Does your Food Come From?
Week 2: Is Soil Alive?
Week 3: What is Regenerative Farming?
Week 4: What is Food Sustainability?

Nature Study

Week 1: Meet the Dairy Cows
Week 2: Life on the Farm
Week 3: From Farm to Market
Week 4: One Your Plate

Language Arts

Week 1: Farming Words
Week 2: "When Frost is On the Punkin"
Week 3: Apostrophe
Week 4: Nursery Rhymes


Week 1: Free Writing
Week 2: Free Writing Cont.
Week 3: Create Your Own Product
Week 4: Character Creation


Week 1: Agriculture in Early History: Ancient Sumer
Week 2: Agriculture in Early History: Ancient Egypt
Week 3: Agriculture in Early History: Ancient India
Week 4: Agriculture in Early History: Ancient China


Week 1: Texas
Week 2: Maps
Week 3: Texas History and Culture
Week 4: The Texas Longhorn


Week 1: Instrument Families
Week 2: Organizing the Orchestra
Week 3: Music from Texas
Week 4: Country Music Instruments


Week 1: Animals
Week 2: Crops
Week 3: Land
Week 4: Around the Farm


Week 1: Introduction to Algebra
Week 2: Feed the Animals
Week 3: Mud Spots Q Tip Painting
Week 4: Harvest 4x4 Sudoku


  • Anatomy of a Cow
  • Coloring Sheets
  • F is for Farming
  • Farmyard Crosswords
  • Farmyard Dominoes
  • Memory Matching Game
  • Number Puzzles
  • Word Scramble
  • Agriculture Vowel Playdough Mats
  • Cow Anatomy (Spanish)
  • Parts of a Flower (Spanish)
  • Plant Life Cycle (Spanish)

This unit is delivered as a downloadable zip file. Enjoy your Agriculture adventure!