Harbor and Sprout

Astronomy Patchwork Study


Welcome to the Harbor + Sprout Astronomy Patchwork Study, the May 2022 release of our original elementary-level homeschool unit study curriculum. This unit study features 4 weeks of lesson plans and materials covering all 9 of our core subjects plus a playful supplemental section of thematic activities. This unit study is meant for use by children ages 3-12. 

This unit is delivered via a secure link as a digital download. Shop our corresponding Morning Basket Pack by Rebecca Clarke of Whimsy Printables here!



Daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages
Booklist including stories, poems, and field guides with recommended ages, subject correspondence, and brief summaries for each title
Lesson plans for 4 levels of learning
Family read aloud recommendations
Character kit- new monthly character illustrated by Stephanie Groves to act as your guide through the unit
Unit Recipe 
Supply List


Week 1: Our Solar System
Week 2: Dwarf Planets & Comets
Week 3: The Night Sky, Galaxies, & Black Holes
Week 4: Space Telescopes

Nature Study

Week 1: Star Gazing
Week 2: Moon Phases
Week 3: Cosmic Scavenger Hunt
Week 4: Nature Tools

Language Arts

Week 1: The Moon
Week 2: Conjunctions
Week 3: Word Space
Week 4: Star Myths


Week 1: Plan
Week 2: Research
Week 3: Write
Week 4: Revise


Week 1: Who Found the Stars?
Week 2: Peeking at the Stars
Week 3: Traveling With the Stars
Week 4: Traveling to the Stars


Week 1: Italy
Week 2: Maps
Week 3: Galileo Galilei
Week 4: Ancient Rome


Week 1: Flying Above the Staff
Week 2: Variations
Week 3: Space Travel
Week 4: Holst- The Planets


Week 1: Modernism
Week 2: Post-Impressionism
Week 3: Surrealism
Week 4: Cubism


Week 1: Statistics
Week 2: Recognizing & Counting Numbers
Week 3: Ordinal & Prime Numbers
Week 4: Distance from the Sun


Nature Activities

Astronomy Flash Cards
Astronomy Number Flash Cards
Astronomy Posters and Info
Astronomy Tracing Cards
Coloring Poster & Bookmark Template
Galaxy in a Jar

Planet Color Matching Game
Planet Order Activity
Planet Trace & Color
Rhyming Word Planets

Telescope Numbers

Wellness & Quiet Time

Zodiac 3-Part Cards (Spanish)
Zodiac Wheel Craft
Zodiac Symbol Matching Game
Zodiac Night Sky Sensory Bin

Writing & Language Arts

Astronomy Vocabulary
Spelling List and Cards
Word Searches
Word Scrambles
Astronomy Copy Work
Space Story
Writing Reference Pages

Each lesson comes with a lesson plan split into 4 distinct levels of learning to help you use the materials for your child's individual needs. This allows for family-style learning for ages 3-12 and years worth of connection and education!