Harbor and Sprout

Botany Elementary Unit Study


Welcome to the Harbor + Sprout Botany Unit Study, the July 2021 release of our elementary level homeschool unit study curriculum. This unit study features 4 weeks of lesson plans and materials covering all 9 of our core subjects plus a playful supplemental section of thematic activities. This unit study is meant for use by children ages 3-12. 

This unit is delivered via a secure link as a digital download.



Daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages
Book list including stories, poems, and field guides with recommended ages, subject correspondence, and brief summaries for each title
Lesson plans for 4 levels of learning
Family read aloud with discussion guide and recipe
Character kit- new monthly character illustrated by Stephanie Groves


Week 1: Parts of a Plant
Week 2: Photosynthesis
Week 3: Plant Cell
Week 4: Pollination

Nature Study

Week 1: Native Flowers of the World
Week 2: Leaf Identification
Week 3: Herbs
Week 4: Foraging


Week 1: Botany
Week 2: Theophrastus + Carl Linnaeus
Week 3: George Washington Carver + Agnes Arber
Week 4: Greenhouses


Week 1: Botanical Gardens Around the World
Week 2: Cardinal and Ordinal Directions
Week 3: Grid Mapping
Week 4: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Language Arts

Week 1: Concrete Poems
Week 2: Similes and Metaphors
Week 3: Synonyms and Antonyms
Week 4: Present, Research, Create


Week 1: Brainstorm and Prewrite
Week 2: Research and Outline
Week 3: Write your First Draft
Week 4: Revise, Edit, and Proofread


Week 1: The Music of Edward MacDowell
Week 2: Exploring Crescendos and Musical Volumes
Week 3: Plants we Play
Week 4: Bloom and Grow


Week 1: Art Elements
Week 2: Artistic Style
Week 3: Color in Nature
Week 4: GREENhouses


Week 1: Patterns and Symmetry
Week 2: Counting and Operations
Week 3: Fractions
Week 4: Number Recognition and Graphing


Nature Activities

Coloring Pages
Play Dough Mats
Giant Coloring Poster

Wellness & Quiet Time

Rainbow of Foods
Count and Clip Cards
Matching Game
Grocery List
Tracing and Coloring Pages
Three Part Cards
Plant Life Cycles
Crossword Puzzle
Word Search

Writing & Language Arts

Revision Practice Sentences
Book Review and Report
Grammar Highlight: Nouns
Writing Process
Note Taking Pages

Each lesson comes with a lesson plan split into 4 distinct levels of learning to help you use the materials for your child's individual needs. This allows for family-style learning for ages 3-12 and years worth of connection and education!

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