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DIGITAL Forestry Primary Level Unit Study


Welcome to the forest! This unit study is designed to guide learners aged 6-12 on an in-depth Forestry exploration that will not only provide a thorough study of the subject at hand, but will also involve students in the process through immersive, experiential learning opportunities. Consistent, gentle, and easy-to-follow structure encourages internalization and personal connection with each module.

Be sure to add the Forestry Primary Level Workbook, available in both digital PDF and physical print formats! These workbooks are not required to complete the unit study; however, they add enriching dimension to the learning experience.

This unit study will be delivered digitally and may be used ebook-style or printed alongside a notebook of your own choosing or with the Harbor + Sprout Primary Companion Notebook, available in both digital PDF or physical print format. You can purchase a physical print copy of this unit study here. Primary Level Unit Studies are open-and-go and non-consumable, meaning that you will not need to write on or cut anything out of the pages.  Optional printable notebooking pages are provided. This unit study is intended for elementary learners ages 6-12. 

This unit study includes 20 modules. Each module is made up of 3 parts:

  1. Information: This is the reading portion of the module. The reading can be completed independently or with help from an adult. You may take one day or more to complete the reading.
  2. Notebooking Prompts: In the notebooking section of each module, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your reading in a way that is unique to you. 
  3. Activities: Each module contains a selection of activities and hands-on learning experiences to choose from. These activities span the range of learning styles and are meant to be completed at whatever pace feels most comfortable to you.  

Click here to download a free sample of the Forestry Primary Level Unit Study!

The modules in the Forestry Primary Level Unit Study include:

  • Module 1: The Significance of Forestry
  • Module 2: The History of Forestry
  • Module 3: Different Kinds of Forests
  • Module 4: The Tropical Rainforest
  • Module 5: The Deciduous Forest
  • Module 6: The Coniferous Forest
  • Module 7: The Layers of a Forest
  • Module 8: Tree Identification
  • Module 9: Tree Growth and Life Cycle
  • Module 10: Forest Ecosystems
  • Module 11: The Amazon Rainforest
  • Module 12: Foraging Part 1: Plants and Berries
  • Module 13: Foraging Part 2: Nuts and Fungi
  • Module 14: A Forest's Euphony
  • Module 15: Indigenous People and the Forest
  • Module 16: Urban Forestry
  • Module 17: Forest Health
  • Module 18: Forest Fires
  • Module 19: Forest in Numbers
  • Module 20: Forest-Inspired Art

Each module has a list of pertinent subject applications including science, nature study, language arts, writing, history, geography, art, music, math, and life skills. Writing and language arts are also inherently woven into the whole unit through notebooking. Enjoy your adventure in the forest!

Page count: 260

Click here to download a free Forestry Primary Level Unit Study sample!