12 Places to Homeschool

12 Places to Homeschool

Jan 31, 2022Danielle Hansen

Homeschool at the kitchen table

There are so many different ways to homeschool and places to make it happen. When life and learning are one and the same, school happens just about everywhere! Here are some of our favorite places to bring our lessons to life.

1. At the kitchen table

The kitchen table is a natural gathering place for the whole family. Whether you're reading aloud over a meal, enjoying a lesson over teatime, or your children like to stay where the action is (anyone else always in the kitchen preparing food seemingly nonstop?), school often tends to gravitate toward the kitchen table!

2. Outside

As homeschoolers, we tend to spend as much time out in nature as possible. Grab a book and head to the hammock or lay out a picnic blanket and bring clipboards to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with your lessons!

3. In a designated school room

Maybe you have an assigned area meant for school to keep it a bit more separate and tidy from the rest of the house. This can be a wonderful way to set apart a distinguished time for school each day!

4. Scattered throughout your home

Maybe someone is reading on the couch while another child practices an instrument, yet another is working on math with mom, and the littlest one is exploring a sensory bin on the floor. Sometimes we stick together, and at other moments, we divide and conquer!

5. At a museum, zoo, or other field trip destination

One of the greatest joys of homeschool is that we can get outside the bounds of home to learn and explore at any time! Seeing the world through new experiences is sure to be a memorable way to bring learning to life. 

6. With a friend or family member

Perhaps you are part of a co-op, or maybe you have a close friend who also homeschools. Maybe you have a weekly grandparent lesson. Learning with others is a wonderful way to make learning fun and bring new perspectives into your homeschool!

7. At a music lesson, sport, or other extra-curricular activity

Enriching experiences outside of book work still count as learning! Whether you are a star athlete, an up and coming musician, or are just trying out a new art class, any extra-curricular activity will broaden your students' horizons.

8. On the road

Whether you're on a quick run to the grocery store chatting about telling time, traveling full-time in an RV and rehearsing times tables, or on a road trip to a national park camping trip and listening to a favorite audiobook, conversation and literature on a drive is a wonderful way to connect and learn!

9. In a bedroom or quiet nook

Your child may love to take a favorite book and curl up in a cozy chair or journal at a desk hidden away from the rest of the home action. The peaceful quiet of a personal space can't be beat!

10. In the kitchen

Bake a favorite dish and refresh math or learn a new recipe to teach and practice life skills! Be sure to include cleanup in the learning fun- one of the greatest parts of homeschooling is the practical lessons we can include in our learning!

11. While doing chores

Maybe your children are growing up caring for a homestead with animals and a large garden, or perhaps they are watering indoor plants and helping with laundry. Regardless, these are all important lessons to incorporate into any homeschool!

12. On a nature walk

We've all been there- we return home from any outdoor outing with pockets full of rocks and hands full of sticks. There is nothing quite like a journey in the great outdoors to refresh our brains and notice new surroundings!

In short... school happens EVERYWHERE! Learning never really ends, and with homeschool, the lines are extra blurry. We hope you enjoy your lessons, book work, and simple learning through life wherever you may find yourselves! 

-the Harbor + Sprout Team

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