Monthly Unit Theme List

Monthly Unit Theme List

Jan 26, 2022Danielle Hansen

harbor and sprout unit themes

Dreaming up our monthly units is one of our very favorite parts of the creation process. Each time we settle on a new topic, the ideas begin lowing as we discuss ideas and lessons as a hive mind.

If you're trying to choose which unit to start with or plan out your year, knowing what's available will be helpful! Be sure to download our planning pack to help you stay organized as you travel through your Harbor + Sprout units. Here is our full unit release schedule through July of 2024. Note that units will be released mid-month on their respective month to allow for plenty of planning and prep time prior to the start of a new month!

  • July 2021: Botany
  • August 2021: Visual Arts
  • September 2021: Engineering
  • October 2021: Paleontology
  • November 2021: Forestry
  • December 2021: Chemistry
  • January 2022: Aviation
  • February 2022: Forensic Science
  • March 2022: Geology
  • April 2022: Beekeeping
  • May 2022: Astronomy
  • June 2022: Oceanography
  • July 2022: Tropical Ecology
  • August 2022: Meteorology
  • September 2022: Sustainable Living + Homesteading
  • October 2022: Human Body
  • November 2022: Textiles + Fashion
  • December 2022: First Responders
  • January 2023: Exploration
  • February 2023: Construction
  • March 2023: Entomology
  • April 2023: Home Economics
  • May 2023: Agriculture
  • June 2023: Zoology
  • July 2023: Outdoor Survival Skills
  • September 2023: Speleology 
  • November 2023: Mythology and Mythological Creatures 
  • February 2024: Physics
  • April 2024: Mountaineering 
  • July 2024: Herbology and Mycology

For more information about the contents of each unit, please click on the individual units linked here. On these unit pages, you will find a list of the lessons, supplemental activities, and contents of each unit. Read about the upcoming adventure you're in for and get excited for all the learning to come!

With each unit, you are in for a unique, open-ended, lively educational experience that your students are sure to love. The only question is... how is one to choose which unit to do first!?

Happy adventuring!

-The Harbor + Sprout Team

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