Homeschool Books + Supplies Made Easy

Homeschool Books + Supplies Made Easy

Jan 24, 2022Danielle Hansen

Our goal here at Harbor + Sprout is to make everything as engaging, simple, and affordable as possible. While we've done our best to keep costs and supplies minimal and limited to items you already have at home, sometimes a little extra fun is worth the expense to really bring learning to life!

Did you know that we have an Amazon Storefront with two lists prepared for every unit? Everything you may need or want is all linked for you in one simple spot! Please note that there are very few things you actually need to purchase, but if you're looking for ideas, we've got you covered. 

The unit book list includes each title on our Recommended Reading list. While you will likely be able to find many of the selections in your local library, digital book subscriptions you may use, or as a read-aloud on YouTube, you may want to purchase a couple of favorites to keep physical copies in your home. We love books here at Harbor + Sprout and there's just something extra special about the weight of your very own book in your hands!

The unit-specific supplement list features a curated selection of items you may choose to incorporate into your homeschool as you explore various themes. These items may include games, toys, puzzles, STEM activities, and more. Grab a few airplanes for the toddler to play with during the Aviation unit or a chemistry playset for your children to experience the Chemistry unit in a personal, tactile way!

In addition to unit-specific lists, we also have a number of additional lists that may help you if you're looking for organizational solutions, homeschool supplies and toys, printers and binding options, items you've spotted featured in our product photos, nature study resources, and much more. 

The Harbor + Sprout Amazon Storefront is your one-stop shop for all your homeschool needs and extras. We've done the research for you so you can browse all our favorites right at your fingertips. And who doesn't love a good online window shopping session even if you don't buy anything?!

Happy perusing, friends! 

-The Harbor + Sprout Team


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