7 Affirmations to Guide Your Days

7 Affirmations to Guide Your Days

Apr 25, 2022Danielle Hansen

We are excited to introduce a new series of guest posts to the blog from some of our own H+S Community families! Today's post was written by Lauren Matthies. Lauren is a homeschooling mom to two littles. Professionally, as a writer, and personally, as a mother, she seeks to nurture and uplift through her words and interactions. She loves being in nature, exercising, and spending time with her family. Read more about Lauren and her focus on mindful and intentional living on her blog, www.boonandboys.com.


Parenting can be incredibly fulfilling and it can also make us question everything about ourselves. Add homeschooling to the mix and the joys and struggles are amplified. Some days we feel confident and capable, and others we doubt our fitness for this path. Affirmations are one of my favorite ways to speak light and positivity into my days and to nurture and encourage myself, especially on the days when I question my ability to provide my children with everything that I want for them.

Here are 7 Affirmations that I hope bring you confidence and joy as you venture along your homeschool journey:

1. I find peace and joy in the messiness.

I am not sure if there is anything messier than the home of a homeschooling family. Some days the mess can feel larger than life, but within that mess are countless stories of joy, connection, love, and learning. Each mess tells a story of adventures and life lived.


2. I give myself permission to rest in the unknown.

We all want to know that our children will be healthy and happy. We want assurance that our decisions are the best ones. We want proof that everything will be okay. But life doesn’t afford us those guarantees. Sometimes we must simply have faith that everything we are doing now is perfectly preparing us and our children for the unknown future.

3. I release the need to know it all, be it all, and do it all.

As homeschooling parents we wear many hats. Some of us work in addition to caring for and homeschooling our children. It can be incredibly overwhelming, and often accompanies a desire to do it all. The good news is we don’t have to be it all, even if that were possible. Who we are and how we show up is enough, even on the days when we feel lacking.

4. I make time for quiet moments and reflection.

Our deepest moments of clarity and inspiration often come to us in times of quiet. Give yourself permission to rest. Take breaks, when and how you can. Allow yourself to do things that nurture you, and take time to reflect on your days with gratitude.

5. I see abundance in my days.

We see what we look for. Although it is easy to see the challenges, when we shift our mindset to seeking abundance, we are more likely to notice it. Abundance of joy, abundance of love, abundance of means, abundance of time–what we fix our attention on, we more easily recognize.

6. I give myself permission to fail.

As babies we weren’t afraid to fail. Learning to walk we would fall down and get back up repeatedly. Then somewhere along the way we learned to equate our failures with our worth. They are not related. You are worthy, always. Nothing you can or cannot do will ever change that. Give yourself permission to dream big and reach beyond your comfort zone. If you fail, you grow. And if you succeed, you’ll be glad you risked failure. Plus, the little eyes watching you will be inspired by your bravery.

7. I greet my days with gratitude.

Not every day is easy. Some days we feel like throwing in the towel; but, when we intentionally choose to greet our days with gratitude, we remember what a blessing this life is. We get to spend our days with our children, learn alongside them, laugh with them, love them, and watch them blossom into the beautiful people they were always meant to be. When we remember to lead with gratitude, abundant joy follows.

Above all else, may you remember that you are worthy and enough, exactly as you are. The person you are today aligns perfectly with the parent and teacher your children need. Trust yourself, trust the process, and may you find joy in the journey.


Written by: Lauren Matthies

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