Harbor + Sprout: A Beekeeping Unit & Beekeeping Morning Basket Pack

Harbor + Sprout: A Beekeeping Unit & Beekeeping Morning Basket Pack

Apr 11, 2022Danielle Hansen

Harbor + Sprout: A Beekeeping Unit is sweet as honey and sure to BEE a favorite!

We say every unit is our new favorite, and Beekeeping is no exception. This bright, cheery, robust, and engaging unit is sure to delight and inspire learners and nature lovers of all ages! Here's a bit of what you'll find inside our brand new unit:
  • Experience Batik, mixed media collages, and tactile process art
  • Enjoy tonality, percussive sounds, and wing music
  • Explore beekeeping in Bolivia
  • Build your own historical beehives and examine beekeeping in Ancient Egypt
  • Delve into literary adventures with Winnie-The-Pooh as you learn about puns, anthromorphism, and interjections
  • Write and illustrate your own picture book
  • Discover nature by way of honey bee identification, vision, communication, and varieties of honey
  • Learn about pollination, the chemistry of honey, and the science of beehives
  • Enrich your understanding of shapes, number bonds, and more with a beekeeping twist
  • Play with bee tangrams, build bee royalty crowns, make a flying bee puppet, and enjoy hands-on beekeeping learning
Plus, we are thrilled to be releasing the very first in our brand new line of themed morning basket packs for littlest learners by Whimsy Printables!
Use these morning baskets in tandem with your Beekeeping unit as a lovely invitation to learn, or simply enjoy the morning basket independently in any way you see fit! Click here to shop the Beekeeping Morning Basket.
If you are currently a subscriber to our monthly curriculum, you can use your current credit balance or next upcoming credit for your Beekeeping unit (or any other unit you'd like)! Click here for detailed instructions on how to redeem your credit. Find out more about how to manage your subscription here. Keep in mind that the morning baskets are a separate collection and unit credits are not applicable to these packs.
If you have not signed up yet, subscribe today to receive your first credit and get started on your learning adventure with Harbor + Sprout! As a subscriber, you will receive monthly credits redeemable for any unit for $22 a month rather than purchasing units at their full price of $30. Pause your subscription at any time and go at your own pace! Learn more about our credit system here.
Have your eye on other H+S units? Shop our full collection of engaging unit studies for the whole family!  We can't wait for you to delve into your Beekeeping journey! Be sure to join our Facebook Community to join the chat with other H+S families, visit our Amazon Storefront to shop our favorite Beekeeping books and supplements, and follow us on Instagram @HarborandSprout to keep up with all the latest!
xo, the Harbor + Sprout Team

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