Harbor and Sprout

Forensic Science Morning Basket


Our themed printable morning basket sets, created by Rebecca Clarke of Whimsy Printables, make for a gentle and playful preschool curriculum. Designed for children ages 2-6 to go alongside each of our individual unit studies! These packs can be used in tandem with their corresponding units or enjoyed independently. Shop our Forensic Science Unit Study here.

Here's what you'll find inside the Forensic Science Morning Basket:
  • Forensic Science Flash Cards- Corresponding word and picture cards that can also be utilized as 3 part cards
  • Memory Match Game- a family favorite! See how many picture pairs you can match.
  • Cutting activity- snip the strips and practice fine motor skills
  • Number sequencing- place the clue envelopes in numerical order or create your own number sequence patterns.
  • Spin and count activity- Spin the spinner and use the graph to track how many of each detective item you spin!
  • Count and Clip Cards: Count the number of detective items on each card and place a gem, peg, or clothespin on the correct numeral.
  • Lacing cards: Easy-to-prep sewing cards
  • Two-Piece Puzzles: Simple two-piece picture puzzles
  • Decoding CVC Words Activity: A fun game in which you use the decoder to identify words written in symbols!
  • Upper- and Lower- Case Match: Place the uppercase letter discs on their corresponding lowercase letters on the mat.
  • Silhouette Match: Match each picture with its corresponding silhouette.
  • Magnifying Match: Cut out each card and use a magnifying glass to identify the tiny pictures that match up to large images!
  • Words to Build: A fun set of words to build. Cut out each card and spell the words.
  • Forensic Science Letter Template: Fill in the letter F with any nature items or other decorations you'd like.
  • Coloring Pages: For the whole family to enjoy.
  • What Animal? A game to match the animal to its tail hidden behind a bush!
  • Lacing cards
  • Vegetable and seed match
  • -ip and -ig word family sort
  • Upper- and lower- case matching- plant the lowercase carrots in their uppercase planting spot!
  • Two-piece picture puzzles
  • Where do they belong? A sorting game
  • Hay Bale Counting
  • Words to Build- spelling practice
  • Playdough mat- create a farm scene!
  • Alphabet sheet
  • Coloring sheets

This morning basket is delivered as a digital, printable pack and is sure to delight and engage learners, agriculturists, and nature lovers of all ages!