Harbor and Sprout

Human Body Nature Study


These lessons are included in our Human Body Unit Study.

Discover the Human Body in this in-depth, engaging nature study by Jacqueline Marr of Books and Willows. This study includes four modules:

Module 1: Air

  • Learn how oxygen is created and used in Earth's oxygen cycle.
  • Follow the path of an oxygen molecule through our respiratory system.
  • Sculpt a model of your lungs to learn and review the role of each part.
  • Create a 'working' lung to see your diaphragm in action.
  • Discover the benefits of deep breathing exercises.
  • Measure and compare the lung capacities in your family.

Module 2: Water

  • Discover where water comes from in our planet's water cycle.
  • Follow a water molecule through our digestive system.
  • Learn the many ways our body parts use water.
  • Sculpt a model of your digestive system and review the role of each part.
  • Conduct an experiment to see how water helps break down food in our stomachs.
  • Create healthy drinking habits with our water tracker challenge.

Module 3: Sun

  • Learn how sunlight is created and its three main ingredients.
  • Discover how sunshine helps give us more energy, improves our mood, builds strong bones, and runs our 'master clock'.
  • Sculpt a model of your eye and review how sunlight sets our circadian rhythm.
  • Conduct an experiment to see how our circadian rhythm affects body temperature, heart rate, and alertness.

Module 4: Earth

  • Discover the 5 main types of microbes that live in and all around us.
  • Explore why 'playing in the dirt' can be beneficial to our health.
  • Learn the importance of our unique 'gut microbiomes' and what we can do to keep our mini friends healthy.
  • Sculpt a model of the Escherichia coli bacteria.
  • Play a game that will have you building your own microbiome. Just watch out for those pathogens!

This study may be completed over the course of one month with one module per week, or more quickly or slowly depending on personal preference. This is a digital download and files will be delivered via email upon purchase. Enjoy discovering the human body!