Harbor and Sprout

Trick or Treat Morning Basket


Our themed printable morning basket sets are designed for children ages 2-6 and make for a gentle, playful invitation to learn. Celebrate Halloween and Trick or Treat season in a cheerful way with a sweet collection of early learning activities!

Here's what you'll find inside the Trick or Treat Morning Basket:

  • Flash Cards- use as three-part cards or simple flash cards
  • Memory Match Game
  • Count and Clip Wheel- Clip the correct number onto the wheel showing how many images is in each section
  • Numbers in a Row- place each piece in number order or create your own numeric patterns
  • Cutting Activity- snip along the dotted lines of each strip for fine motor skill practice
  • Lacing Cards- sweet and simple-to-prep lacing cards
  • Spin and Count- spin the spinner and place the correct number of candies in the bucket
  • Puzzles- two-piece picture puzzles
  • Silhouette Match- match each picture with its corresponding silhouette
  • Spooky Number Match- cut out the jars and match the pictures with their correct numeral
  • Color Match Game- sort the treats by color
  • Building CVC Words- make simple words with spelling cards
  • Ghoulish Soup- use the recipe cards to create your own cauldron of ghoulish soup using the ingredients!
  • Upper and Lower Case Sort- a fun upper and lower case letter recognition and sorting activity! First, find the matching upper and lower case letters. Then place them on the pumpkins accordingly.
  • Alphabet Sheet- fill in this sheet however you'd like!
  • Coloring Sheets- for the whole famioly to enjoy

This morning basket is delivered as a digital, printable pack and is sure to delight and engage your little learners and nature lovers!

Our morning baskets are created with love just for you by Rebecca Clarke of Whimsy Printables.